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How Often Do You Tell Lie?
Hwang Eun-mi Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2009.04.09  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

A play `Liar` is about people who live in a narrow world where falsehood becomes truth. The situation gets worse and worse as one lie makes another, and another to hide the truth. There are only audiences who know the whole picture of the incident. So, audiences cannot help immersing into a play which progress fast in unexpected ways while watching the hero`s risky double life. A lot of shocking but whopping lies, misunderstandings and situations where people deceive and get deceived are all amusing to audiences.

The start of lie which dominates the whole play is from a taxi driver, John Smith, who enjoys risky double life with two other beautiful women. John Smith decides to love both of them while agonizing which one to love. He was able to thoroughly manage his schedule to enjoy two different life styles with two totally unique women. But everything collapsed when he saved the women from being robbed.

It was because his two wives reported him missing to the police at the same time. Consequently his endless lies were also creating among his wives. To protect his double life, he would tell a small lie. And it was eventually connected to another and another. The decieved people interpreted everything differently which created a bigger misunderstanding. So, each person spoke and understood various angles of the same story. These ironic situations make the audience concentrate on the story.

The lies in Liar were not bad lies which we would believe normally. Also the person who told a lie in Liar isn`t portrayed as bad. He is just portrayed as a person who fit well into the situation. Because it is a comedy, lies and misunderstandings in Liar are very funny to watch. By the way, what has become of John`s lies in the end? If you want to find out what happened to John, go see `Liar` at Dong Yang Art Hall and SM Tintin Hall.

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