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[0호] 승인 2009.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Today, I woke up at 6:00 a.m. and jogged for half an hour. Then I went to the British Council to learn English since I need a high TOEIC and TOEFL score. After the class, I went to Chinese academy to enroll into a `Basic Chinese` class.

Nowadays, knowing only English is not very competitive. So after thinking about learning Chinese for weeks, I`ve decided to register. I did not have much time for lunch today so I ate a sandwich on the way to school. My major class was very easy since I am taking the same subject that I took last semester.

I am lucky because I can remove my `C`s by taking the same course again and again. After the class, I met with my club mates. We are preparing for a contest that is supported by one of the top companies in Korea. I really want to win. If so, I will be able to have a very competitive specification and many companies will want me. Right after the meeting, all the club members went out to have dinner.

But I could not stay long because I have a part time job tutoring high school students. I`m so tired nowadays because I have so many things to do.

I got the results of the last month`s TOEIC test. It was so depressing. Again, I did not achieve over 900 this time. Most of my friends have very high TOEIC scores.

Also, some of them have very high scores in TOEFL, too! Why can`t I have such high scores? I think I can do better next time. I will study harder. But the festival season is coming up. So the school will be very noisy and I will also get excited by the atmosphere of the environment.

These are what normal university students do these days. Many parents say to their high school son and doughter that the university students can do anything and everything they want.

However, was your freshman life fun and fantastic like you dreamed? What about your overall university life, was it exciting and happy? During our university lives, we still have a big problem to solve; getting employed! Unlike what we do in high school, what we do in university is closely related to getting a job. Not only the things done inside the university, but also those done outside the university count when getting a job.

So many university students focus on other things during their university lives such as taking the same class again to get a high GPA, focusing more on contests, getting a high grade on English proficiency test and so on. In this special part of the magazine, we are going to discuss the reality of university students` lives.
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