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Ways to Avoid the Sun in the Summer
Yoo Ji-seung Reporter  |  candy1129@uos.ac.kr
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[0호] 승인 2009.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
If people are interested in skin care, they have heard that ultraviolet (UV) damages your skin with excessive exposure. Although you can’t see UV, it is one of the main reasons for skin aging and getting freckles. Indeed, people who do outside work like farmers and open market retailers look much older than their age.

If you compare them with office workers who spend most of their time in indoors, you can notice the differences between them. Also, the areas of the skin not exposed to sunlight have fewer wrinkles and freckles than exposed skin.

To lessen skin damage by UV, which is stronger in the summer, the best way is completely block UV, but it is impossible? To block harmful UV rays, you can use ‘SUNBLOCK’. Protecting skin from UV is a first step in skin care. However, you can cause skin trouble if you misuse sunblock, so it is important to know how to use it.

What are SPF and PA?
Ultraviolet A (UVA) is a great part of UV which reaches the earth and causes early skin aging. Ultraviolet B (UVB) is the reason for sun damage like pigmentation. Accordingly, it is important to choose sunblock to block both types UV.

The ‘SPF’ strength is indicated on the sunblock product, and is the sun protection factor of UVB and ‘PA’ is sun protection factor of UVA. Sunblock of SPF 15~25 is suitable when going out for a walk or commuting, SPF 30~45 is suitable when exposing your skin for a long time outdoors, when you are wind surfing or skiing, and SPF above 50 is suitable to hang-out on a beach during the summer holiday.

‘PA’ is meant according to degrees of protection as the number of +. PA+ is ‘good effective’, PA++ is ‘better effective’ and PA+++ stands for ‘best effective’.

The Most Effective Way to Intercept UV
Unless you enjoy being outdoors for a long time, the best effective way to block UV daily is rubbing your skin with sunblock in SPF 25~30 every 3~4hours. When the sun protection factor is higher, the number of hours protected is longer. However, a high sun protection factor may cause harm to your skin and it is more beneficial to avoid it.

The appropriate amount of sunblock to use each time for Koreans average face size is about 0.8g. It is a little more than the amount of moisturizing cream that you would use on your face. However, you will get the best effect if you rub your skin with sunblock 30 minutes before you go out.

If you want to wear make-up, you should apply the make-up after you rub your face with sunblock. Also, you can use sunblock powder after you have applied your make-up.

If water and sweat wash away sunblock from your face, you should use sunblock powder again like retouching make-up, after removing sweat using a cotton pad or tissues.

Is it Better Not to Rub a Pimpled Face with Sunblock?
There are some people who think they cannot rub their face with sunblock if they have pimples because they think that sunblock is harmful to their pimpled face. Contrary to their expectations, it would only aggravate the situation due to the fact that direct UV can aggravate pimples because a pimpled face is very sensitive to inflammation.

In addition, oily products can stimulate the skin and people with pimples should choose a high moisture product. Finally, because moisturizers are a little sticky, people with sensitive skin should use it sparingly.

The Durability of Sunblock
After a container of sunblock is opened, the quality of sunblock is changed. If it is exposed to the air for a long time and a direct ray of light more than 6 month, it causes the sunblock to discolor and smell smoky.

Also, the more you use it, the greater chance of transferring bacteria from your hands to the product. Therefore, sunblock which is used 2~3 times a day can be easily oxidized. Consequently, sunblock opened over one year is not functional because the principal ingredients have been oxidized.

Washing is More Important than Rubbing!
The residue of sunblock on the skin becomes waste material and it can lead to acute trouble for your skin. So, it is important to wash sunblock in your face clearly. When you wash sunblock off your face, you should use very good cleansing cream because sunblock including sun protection ingredients has much oil ingredients.

Particularly, the use of waterproof sunblock increases in summer. Waterproof sunblock has ingredients to last its effect in spite of sweat, water, and sebum. As these are not washed off by a normal cleanser, you should use a waterproof exclusive cleanser. If you find it hard to buy a waterproof exclusive cleanser, then you should wash water proof sunblock at least 2 times by using normal cleanser and one more time by using a cleansing foam.

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