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He Dedicated the X
Hwang Eun-mi Reporter  |  hem7838@uos.ac.kr
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[0호] 승인 2009.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There was a mathematician born who was once widely known by his genius, but now has become an ordinary instructor in mathematics. His name is Ishikami. He had thought that the world was perfect and beautiful like the principal of mathematics. So, he was absorbed in math until his family’s financial conditions got worse.

At that time his life was also flawless, like math’s perfection. When his family financial circumstances worsened, he had to find a means of living because of his financial needs. So, he decides to be a math teacher at a high school. But at one point, he realized this job would become his lifetime occupation in no time. Then, he and his life started to change. He felt strange watching poor students with their irrational behaviors, which were beyond his control, everyday.

He now has no idea what to do and why he has to live and what is the motivational power of his life. While agonizing whether to quit on life or not he met a woman named Yasuko one day. She moved next door with her daughter, and then his life started to change again. He wants to stay with her. He wants to live again.

This book is a ‘much-talked-about book’ written by Keigo Higasino. He has a large number of admirers, not only in Japan but also in Korea. For the first time in the history of Japanese mystery fiction, this book recorded the best in three different areas. In the year 2006, it won the ‘Naoki prize’ which praises the most excellent work of that year. It was also made into a screen version this year and is very popular.

What is the main attraction of this best-seller book? What made thousands of readers and audiences want to read the book as well as watch the movie? The thrilled unfolding of the story, of course, makes the biggest contribution. But there is definitely another power which makes it differ from other mysteries. That is the devotion and romantic nature of the story, it was not about cruelty and the bizarre, it did not seek horror, which were common themes in other stories.

To focus in on contradictory title of this book regarding a suspect and devotion - these unsuitable two words are the key words and core ideas which dominate the plot of the story. This story begins by opening everything to the readers, and it gives a full account of an accident. So, we assume that we know all things about the murder case. But after turning over the last page of the book, everything we know is questioned. This creates an understanding of the story and the characters from different point of view. Also, we could comprehend the contradictory title in its entirety. We cannot help but be surprised and excited about the elaborateness and completeness of plot, and fully indulge in its uncommon theme.

Cinematized ‘He Dedicated the X’ also had big popularity not only in Japan but also in Korea. People who love the original book can feel the pleasure of movie on the screen. Also, people who don’t like reading books can watch this well-made mystery film. There are unique scenes in the film which don’t exist in the original book. Hiroshi Nishitani, who directed ‘The Ivory Tower (Hayan Geotap)’ produced the movie.

Here comes the hot summer which is well harmonized with mystery. People who love books or who don’t at all can meet ‘He Dedicated the X’. More importantly, we should find out the unknown quantity - X by ourselves either by reading the book or enjoying this well-made mystery!
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