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Chicken Soup for the Soul?
Song Jin-young Junior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2009.10.06  
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Cocktail is not the beverage, but the food that could satisfy you when you feel blue. If you have never been to a bar, why don’t you go there with me now? If you hesitate to go to a bar because you have some concerns about a bar or cocktails, don’t hesitate at all! I strongly recommend you to go to a bar whatever your concerns are. But if you are still wavering, I’ll help you get rid of your concerns about a bar.

First concern: Is it okay to go to a bar alone?
Of course you can go there just by yourself! There are always bartenders who can talk with you whenever you want. They are skilled in talking with strangers, though you are shy person, it won’t be stressful to chat with them.

Moreover, there are many people who enjoy the solitude, so nobody will care if you came alone or not. So you don’t need to worry about that at all! Actually I recommend you to go there alone because to heal your soul, it is much better when you go by yourself. Under the dark light, you can have your own quiet time to think about your current state.

Second concern: I don’t know much about the cocktails. How can I choose a good one?
A Cocktail is made by mixing various ingredients like syrup, fruit juice, milk, egg, coffee and etc. Therefore, not like other liquor, cocktail is a very colorful and tasty drink. So you have a lot of choices. Because there are so many kinds, you would have a difficulty in making a choice. But there is a solution! Ask! Before you go to the bar, ask to someone who knows about the cocktail well.

However, when you suddenly feel like going to a bar, just go and request a bartender to recommend a suitable cocktail for you. As I mentioned before, a cocktail is the food for your soul. Like talking with the doctor when you feel bad, talk to the bartender when you feel blue and get a help.

Third concern: I don’t like liquor, but have interests in cocktail. What can I do?
A cocktail is well known as liquor. And it’s true that some cocktails are very high in alcohol. But it doesn’t mean that all kind of cocktails are made from liquor. Some cocktails don’t have alcohol at all, and other cocktails don’t taste like that they contain alcohol.

So if you want to drink a cocktail, even though you dislike liquor, you have some choices. When you order a cocktail in the bar, tell bartender that you don’t like liquor, then he or she will recommend a good one for you. If you don’t feel like asking, then refer to this article.

- No alcohol: Lemonade, Lemon Squash, Virgin Mary, Sea breeze, Sunshine, Coconut Mix, etc.
- Less alcohol (taste like soda) : California Lemonade, Zombie, Long Island Iced Tea, Kahlua & Milk, Orgasm, Grass hopper, etc.

If you don’t like alcohol with a sour taste but want to drink something sweet and soft.

The recommendation is an Orgasm. Some people might expect this cocktail taste fantastic, according to its name. But the real taste will break your fantasy in some way. It tastes like coffee or coco cream. It definitely has a splendid taste.

If you don’t like the typical taste of alcohol or the smell, but want to drink a strong cocktail.

The recommendation is a Zombie. The name of this cocktail doesn’t mean a moving corpse. Actually, it means ‘a glass of liquor!” It is a mixture of orange, lemon and cherry almond with thick rum. It tastes like a soda, so you may drink it a lot without being worried about getting drunk. But be careful! Contrary to your expectations, the cocktail contains more alcohol than other cocktails (usually a glass of cocktail contains one shot of liquor, but this contains two).

If you don’t want to drink alcohol and want something cool, crisp and something unusual.

The recommendation is a Passion Tropical (You can’t find this cocktail everywhere, because this cocktail is created by my news source. If you want to drink this cocktail, send an email to the reporter.) This cocktail is full of great combination of 7 fruits in one glass.

If you like wine, try a wine cocktail.

The recommendation is Kir. It’s made with white wine that has black currant (the tree in northwest Europe) scent. The color of this cocktail is a very seductive red. You can enjoy both wine and cocktail in just one glass.

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