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[0호] 승인 2009.12.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Reputation of UOS has been quiet. But now is the time to move on. More and more people began to recognize the UOS. I belive it’s just a start of a great upheaval and I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next year.

I remember the day before my first visit to the University of the Seoul (UOS). At that time, I lived at my aunt’s apartment which was near a subway station. I didn’t know where the UOS was. When I was researching on the internet, I found a bus stop named ‘University of the Seoul’. So I guessed it would be easier to find the school if I took a bus instead of the subway. It took me about one hour to arrive at the entrance of the UOS that day. The bus route was so long from where I lived to the school and it turned out to be much efficient to take a subway in my area to get to the school.

In a big city like Seoul, hot spots are usually found near the subway stations. People make arrangements to meet at the subway stations. They always carry subway maps and look at it many times a day. Some of them even memorize the station names on the subway lines. On average, 450 thousand people per day use subway line #1. They will see “University of Seoul” below the Chungnyang-ri sign on the subway map. The results will be much more significant than any other advertisements.

People will know where the UOS is and be familiar with our school name. It’s another big step up for the UOS. Next year on August, construction of the Chungnyang-ri station complex will be finished. Which means much more people will gather at the station. More importantly, our school name will become much more famous.

The front gate of the school plays an important role as it makes one’s first impression about the school. People who visit our school may not be impressed by the front gate as they expect to see fancy figures like the other famous schools’ front gates. It’s true that most people moved by external appearances. They feel pride as they see magnificent structures. Construction around the front gate is still going on. I hope after the construction is completed we’ll get our new glory days which are hidden behind the modest exterior.
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