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트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Before an earthquake

Arrange home furniture that may pose harm during an earthquake. Remove objects likely to fall from the ceiling or any high spot. Fragile objects should not be left at the bedside.

During an earthquake, all families must avoid dangerous places and take shelter.
*Be aware of a vacant site, school, park, etc. around the house as possible shelters.

When an earthquake occurs

At home

Excessive shaking lasts for 1~2 minutes.
First, go under a solid table and hold the legs to protect your body.
If there is no table available, protect your head with a cushion etc.

When there is a fire, put it out quickly but calmly.
For example, dishes being cooked may fall from the gas range.

Outside the house

Outside the house, protect the head and keep the body away dangerous objects. Beware of falling objects!
In the past, block fences or door posts had collapsed during heavy earthquakes and many injuries have resulted.
Do not go near block fences or door posts.

In department stores, theaters, and underground shopping centers

Follow the guide! Do not cause confusion.
Don’t be swept away by the confusion!
When there is a fire, these places become filled with smoke.
Stay low to avoid inhaling smoke while moving to a safe place.

When driving a car

Park the car on the right side of the road and avoid driving in a controlled zone.
Forcing to drive under such conditions is foolish.
Tune in to radio reports for more information.

After an earthquake stops

Observe injured persons and immediately request rescue.
Unless the place where the injured persons are located is dangerous, leave them as they are, and if there is a need to move them, firstly, secure the airway, fix the head and injured parts, and then move to a safe place.

In the case of power supply interruption, use a flashlight, and check for safety when using a candle, match, or lighter since exposed gas involves a risk of explosion.

When a water pipe is damaged, lock the valve.
Do not use the toilet until damage to the drain pipe is identified.
Carefully open cabinet doors to avoid contents from pouring out.

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