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Jeongja Cafe` Street
Byeon In-jin Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2010.04.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
It seems like yesterday that the new semester began, yet it`s already April and we all can feel the spring coming. This winter was especially freezing compared to the winters we`ve had in the past few years. As the weather gets warmer, people who have been staying in their room all day long will start to come out of their house and enjoy the spring sun.

What do you imagine when you think of the word `spring?` Perhaps you think about the Cherry Blossom Festival, a picnic in the park, or a stroll along the Han River, but these places may be very crowded during the spring season. Also, it may not be that enjoyable with so many people, so where can we enjoy the tenderness and comfort of the sunshine? I suggest enjoying the warm weather on a terrace at a cafe`! The most popular places for cafe`s are in Samcheong-dong or on Sinsa Avenue. However, I would like to introduce a somewhat peculiar place, but anyone who is interested in enjoying the nice weather on a terrace may have heard at least once of it…the Jeongja Cafe` Street.

This cafe` street is located in Bundang, Gyeonggi-do. It sounds like it`s far from our school but it takes about the similar time to get there as the time it takes to go to Yeongdeungpo, Gangnam, or the suburbs of Seoul like Gwacheon. Also, the transportation system is well planned, so it`s convenient for many of you to visit.

What is Special at the Jeongja Cafe` Street?
Regardless of where we go, we can easily see cafe`s on the street where we can drink coffee and talk. Then why should you visit the Jeongja Cafe` Street? You may also be wondering what this street is so famous or.

The most noticeable features that you will encounter in this area are what its name represents, that there are various types of cafe`s and restaurants everywhere along the street. Not only that, each cafe` has their own unique terrace outside and the scenic beauty may remind people of a back alley in Champs Elysees, Paris. That`s why this street is called `Petite Europe inside the City`. Not only are there many cafe`s and restaurants, but also there are various kinds of shops such as bakeries, ice cream stores, clothing stores, opticians, and so on.

The Jeongja Cafe` Street has an atmosphere of the outdoor cafe`s in Europe so it often appears in dramas, commercial films, and movies. You may have easily seen models from the internet shopping ebsites who have taken their picture with the cafe` sceneries as their setting. This area became widely known to people outside Bundang by being introduced in the media. It`s not very crowded however, so you can enjoy the atmosphere in comfort. In addition, the city is harmonized with nature; you can see the urban features from high buildings around the
street and also enjoy the view of nature from a stream called Tancheon, as well as enjoy the Central Park which is close to the street.

Places to Go
The Cafe` Street has many cafe`s and restaurants on it and each store has their own flavor which makes the street original. Some people who are attracted by the interior and exterior design, the fancy decorations, and the signboards of cafe`s, enjoy walking on the street and taking photos.

As it is famous for many stores, the taste of coffee and food is also very important. There are many popular places for you to visit, but I would like to introduce a few places

Chic Ami
Chic Ami is located in the center of Paragon Square of the street. It`s an Italian restaurant famous for its unique interior, terrace, and pasta. An additional 3,000 won after a meal will get you served a cup of deep and tasteful coffee.

Daily Coffee 121
The Daily Coffee 121 is located on the opposite side of the street from `Chic Ami`. You can feel the nature from its interior design which is decorated with wood-like materials.
The unique pieces of sculpture inside are also a distinctive feature of this cafe`. More importantly, you can drink coffee directly roasted by baristas.
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