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Fight the Fat in the Living
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[0호] 승인 2010.04.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
This year’s goal is …DIET!! 3 days later....... We are eating something and giving up the diet. It’s your and my story. Almost every person wants to lose weight. However, it’s not easy work! Why do we always fail to lose weight? Can’t we just have a good body shape? One of the reasons why we fail to lose weight is we think that exercise is tiresome and difficult! So, initially we start enthusiastically, but our will gets gradually weakened and finally we give up.

To prevent this situation from happening, I suggest two things. The first thing is some exercise that we can do at home. These exercises are easy and you do not need anything special, so you can do it when watching TV, reading a book, and so on. The second thing is information for an effective diet. This information includes some common sense related to dieting and some psychological information that can help you keep on track.

Exercise in the Living
You don’t have time to exercise? Lots of homework, appointments, and classes make us busy! Because of this, you may have no time to exercise. Of course, you can save time and do exercise at home. You can make exercise a daily part of your life by doing the following:

(1) In the subway
while you are sitting in the subway
Step1 Just sit up straight.
Step2 Squeeze both legs inside.
-This is called a horse-riding posture. This posture makes your legs tense and helps to strengthen the muscles and burn calories.

(2) When reading a book
Step1 Sit down and straighten your knees.
Step2 Move your leg about 45°one by one.
-Repeating this movement helps tense the thigh’s muscles and helps you lose weight.

(3) When you are walking
Step1 When you are walking, straighten your back.
Step2 Touch both knees together.
-Walking with tension burns far more calorie than just ordinary walking. Moreover, touching both knees is helpful for strengthening your legs.

(4) While watching TV, you can do exercise
Step1 Sitting down on the floor, str aighten your legs and back.
Step2 Bend your upper body backward a little and lift your belly up slightly.
-This position will help your belly feel tight and burn more calories.

(5) When picking up something
Just one simple step - When you pick up something, straighten your knee!
-It’ll pull the calf muscle and help
make it stronger. If you are having trouble doing this, widen your legs a little!

(6) Swinging your arms
Step1 Put your both arms up by your shoulders.
Step2 Unfold both hands as indicated in picture.
Step3 Swing your hands in a circle.
This exercise will help you reduce fleshy forearms. Do this exercise until you feel a little tired.

(7) Exercise with chair-I
Step1 Put your hips on the chair and hold both sides of it strongly with both hands.
Step2 Put your feet one step ahead.
Step3 Move your hip down, until your elbows are at a right angle.
Step4 Go back to the first position. This exercise helps strengthen the back, thighs and arms.

(8) Exercise with chair-II
Step1 On the chair, put two hands on your head and put together your legs.
Step2 Straighten your back.
Step3 Pull your right hip up with only your side strength and then pull your left hip up.
Step4 Repeat the step 3 slowly This exercise is helpful for strengthening your side muscles.
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