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트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
More common sense related to DIET:
Many people who are interested in dieting consider the calorie content when they eat certain foods. However, it is not just about the calories, but also it includes the other ingredients, like enzymes, which influence fat. For example, many people prefer drinking Zero Coke to taking low fat milk, but drinking low fat milk is more helpful than taking zero coke, because milk has the enzymes which can help decompose some fat. On the other hand, Zero Coke has aspartame which is the artificial sweetener that stimulates people to eat sweeter food. In conclusion, selecting low fat milk is wiser than picking Zero Coke. Also aspartame, which is in Zero Coke, secretes more insulin.

Insulin is known for controlling blood sugar levels. But it has another function as part of the process that changes food to fat. Therefore, the higher the insulin level, the more easily the food which you eat changes to fat. Hence, reducing the insulin level is the key of dieting. How can we reduce the insulin? Before we search for the way to reduce the insulin, we have to think about the reason why insulin is secreted by the body. Insulin is secreted for decreasing the blood sugar level. To decrease it, insulin makes the food change to fat. If insulin doesn’t need to decrease the blood sugar level, the insulin secretion will be decreased.

Therefore, we have to avoid foods that rapidly increase the blood sugar levels. Sweet foods are the most likely to increase the blood sugar levels rapidly, like sugar, chocolate, snacks and so on. If you like sweets, I recommend you to eat fruit. Fruit is sweet but it increases one third less of the blood sugar levels than other sweet snacks. Also white rice, potato and corn increase the levels rapidly, so it is better if you eat brown rice, rye or barley

Psychology related to DIET
When you see another person’s before and after pictures, you may begin to think, “They called do it, so why not me? I can do it too!”

It is the way that our competitive spirit gives us the powerful motivation that we can gain more inner strength. On the online diet competition program, 70 percent of the participants succeeded in losing weight. In this instance, competition is effective for a diet. Looking at another person’s before and after pictures can help you do it!

Another technique is to openly state that you decided to do something, and you are going to be succeeded. When you openly state your diet resolutions, you have the responsibility for your program and others will support you so that you can have an appropriate environment for dieting. Subsequently, it will help you to easily reach your goals.

Recently, the University of London psychology research team found that you need 66 days for that one decision to become to be a habit. Moreover, if you withstand 66days on your diet it will then be your life style and you will need less effort to lose weight.
Information is just information. Whether the diet succeeds or not depends on you! Start the diet right now! You can do it!
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