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Why do women put a make-up?
Baek Seung-mi Reporter  |  viorlate88@uos.ac.kr
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[0호] 승인 2010.04.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
The appearance of mirror gave a birth of make-up and afterwards human history is separated into two parts; the ‘before make-up’ and the ‘after make-up’. As a result of this, we are living in the ‘after make-up’ era.

A face can talk?
How can we read somebody’s mind? Since a research regarding to the question started, the importance of ‘face’ stood out. Consequently, we found out the fact that when we read somebody’s thought, we guess whole movements of a face instead of ear, eye, mouth and nose. What if we can’t read somebody’s face? Simply that means, we can communicate with nobody. Faces have lots of information and in order to communicate well, we certainly need this face-reading process. In other words, we have the ability to figure out somebody’s attention by observing one’s face.

Then, can pets read our minds? Reading minds is one of the instinctive original natures of humans. Until now, human being is the only animal that can read minds. It is different from dogs feeling of sympathy for their owners. Human’s face can be a medium of figuring out others’ minds and at the same time it can prevent our minds to be seen through by others. The reason is we would be in danger by letting someone know our thoughts easily. Of course, if we don’t give any clues to the people we are talking to then we can’t communicate with anyone.

A face is like a mirror which reflects the essence of being human
There is an important thing that comes out in this book; it is called a ‘mirror neuron’. A mirror neuron is a nerve cell which projects other’s behavior and accepts sense to our brain so we feel like we are doing exactly what the other person is doing. Why are we so concentrated on the face when we recognize someone? It says when it comes to communication; it is less important how the ear, eye, mouth and nose are shaped than the facial expressions we have. Changing your attitudes based on social relations is very similar with putting make-up on our face by feeling one’s eyes. By doing that brains is painting and changing itself ceaselessly.

Make-up is an advanced intellectual activity as a sense of neuro-science
One of the outstanding abilities that human has is social communication skills. In the aspect of this, women who put make-up everyday in front of the mirror are superior to men when it comes to social communication skills. Generally, the view of putting on make-up between men and women are quite different. For men, it looks little bit unacceptable how women aren’t sick and tired of spending time applying a make-up. Guys may wonder, “Why do women spend so much time preparing to go out, and who will see them?”

But it is not the fact this book is talking about. What it wants to tell us is putting on make-up is an intellectual attitude for building up strong and firm social relations. The collaborative investigation with Kanebo cosmetics and the author on ‘Essence of beauty and Make-up’ found out a very interesting result that looking in a mirror makes a brain feel happy. Therefore, it can be a clue for why women don’t get tired of doing their make-up.

Putting a make-up = social passport
When women don’t put a make-up they can’t go out far away from their houses. Maybe they can go to the convenience store at most. However, it depends on a person whether or not make-up limits their actions. In this regard, we can say make-up is a ‘social passport’ Furthermore, make-up maintains what we want to be shown by others physically and mentally as well as make feel more confident. In other words, make-up equals a pass or a safe home at the same time for getting out of self boudaries. Humans have a highly developed social intelligence.

Presently, studies indicate that the brain gets excited when it is communicating with someone. Inversely, humans can’t mature completely without entering into a relationship with other people or building up a great personality. For us, we need relations to interact and also it makes our lives be more rewarding and fulfilled. This book summary is essentiatlly that make-up is the best communication tool for women and by doing that it directly connects to how to deal with our lives.
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