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[0호] 승인 2010.06.03  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

“Ha, ha, ha! Okay, I’ll go now because I have to study for a test, but I have a lot of assignments. I don’t know what to do first!” Meanwhile, an incessant noise comes from outside. I can’t concentrate on the words in the book. Only the strange noise reaches my ears.

Click! What is this sound? Someone is taking pictures with a cell phone. The telltale smell of cigarettes comes from somewhere. Tip-tap, tip-tap! There were sounds of shoes in the reading room. Someone uses a mouse and keyboard as if he is smashing it.

Not only I, but also people in the reading room are trying to study, but it doesn’t go well. Here is the main library, especially during exam period. There were many complaints among students and on the website, about the noise in the main library. The student body carried on a campaign to reduce noise and create an academic atmosphere. So, members of the student government studied in the corridor.

However, people didn’t care about them and acted as if they were not there. Therefore, the campaign has no effect to reduce the noise. Some said that the library in their town are much more silent, even when there were many people there…from children to old men. Some students seem that they forget to act like university students and adults.

In addition to about noise pollution, there is a problem about seats. The University of Seoul (UOS) students need to reserve seats through a machine, but some people break the rule. It often happens that the student’s will use other’s seats. In my case, I selected a certain number of seat and went to the seat. I was embarrassed because there was much baggage, but no owner.

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