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[0호] 승인 2010.06.03  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Let’s move outside. Someone went down the main road. A man put a used bottle on the trees. It was not heavy, it was not dirty. If he had walked a little bit more, he could have found a garbage can. There is a widespread problem of illegally throwing away trash and not separating garbage collection at the UOS, even though there are many garbage bins. We are members of the UOS. Each of us is a representative of our school! If you act inappropriately it will negatively affect either the internal or external environment of the UOS.

There was a phrase that ‘a frog is in the UOS,’ another version of ‘a frog in the well,’ meaning a big fish in a little pond. Why was this formed? Students in the UOS think that they tend to be quiet. Most of them are not interested in school and extracurricular activities. Their only interests are how to get good grades and how to join a major company. The atmosphere of the UOS is about stagnant and calm. Where is the passion of youth? Where is the challenge of mind? Where is the impetus drive? Students often complain about the school policies. It can be revised by participating in the assembly of students. Do not grumble if you don’t try to voice your concerns or opinions. If you want to change the UOS, participate! Needless to say, your participation is the most important key to change.

In this article we will cover how many of the UOS students’ thoughts concerning issues of the UOS, especially participation and using facilities. In relation to participation, we will examine the turnout of students. And then we will discuss the use of the surroundings or facilities on the campus. Before get to the point, let us examine the satisfaction of students. To understand why these things are happening, first we need to know the reasons why they have lost their sense of discretion. We referred to a survey, targeting enrolled students, about satisfaction of the UOS which was done by the student counseling center and through students’ interviews. Through the survey, we can try to understand the reason why students act the way the do sometimes. Then, let’s start a movement to make the UOS better!


This survey was taken in November, 2009 with only a response from 20% of the university students. 54.8% of the students surveyed answered that they were generally satisfied to be a UOS student. Only 7.2% answered with unsatisfied comments. More specifically, they were given the question to select satisfactory conditions. Departments ranked first with 21.3%, but the atmosphere of study areas only got 11.8% and welfare facilities received 1%. To make the UOS better, most students (21.9%) think the expansion of education and institutes was needed. But just 6% of them think expansion of transportation and welfare institute was more important. Moreover, 5.8% students said making the atmosphere of study was a key point.

Through that survey we now know that many UOS students think about our school positively. Then what is the fact which makes them act so passive? According to our research through face-to-face interviews and surveys on the internet, it might be because some other students ruined the atmosphere. These things are happening because of the lack of subjective attitude and care for others.

Surroundings or Facilities

Of course some of you still have interests and love to be at the UOS; however some students just don’t seem to care. To investigate your communal morality, we checked the streets and buildings, especially focusing on the public facilities like the cafes, restaurants, lounges, and libraries. Catching a glimpse around us, it generally looks clean and has no problems. But in just 3 days, the UOS times could see many instances of litter around us.

Streets, the library, lecture rooms, and lounges, there were no exceptions. We could see waste all around us, also there were many cigarette butts and cigarette packages on the street. In the main library, there were many notes which indicate the place of books. Also in the libraries in each building, there was a lot of garbage on the desks and on the floor. The lecture rooms have more significant problems, not only with waste papers and notes, but also there were many empty cans and paper cups. In addition, students scribbled on the desks. To clean the campus, we don’t need special licenses or qualifications. Don’t forget that you are a member of the UOS and you need to be aware and respect its environment.

The pictures were just taken during regular school days, if we included the festival period, the situation would be far worse. Imagine if there were no cleaners in our university… it would be such a disaster. Actually when we were taking the pictures, many of them were working. Of course the duty and right of student is to study, but it doesn’t mean that you can ignore your basic duty and right as a citizen. Like you, others also hate a dirty environment. More importantly, before you blame others for their bad habits think back on yours and start to change you first. If you mind picking up or seeing litter in the public areas, then stop littering.

In addition to garbage on the campus, there were other matters too. It is careless people! All the buildings are designated as non-smoking areas; therefore smokers should stay away from the buildings. It seems that there is a real problem here. One of the reasons that every buildings turned into a non-smoking area was the consideration of non-smokers. Smokers, who smoke outside of buildings, however, don’t consider others. After researching this issue we determined that many students think that smoking near the building doors is a serious and irritating problem.

Have you been on the road near the 21st century building? There is the place that is nice to stroll on, especially on a fine day. Some people often play catch there. We agree that it is joyful and promotes friendship, but it is also dangerous for pedestrians. If someone got hit by a ball, he/she would be very hurt, “I think people who are playing catch should consider others. It is dangerous to play in this area for others.” Park hyoung-june and Shin young-rok (05’Department of Social Welfare) said, Moreover, we should be reminded that this place in the UOS is not just a private site.

Other problems could be found in the library or lounge facilities. Setting aside the trash matters, the library has an issue with seats which are so called “Privatizing Seats.” Every exam period, many students complain that some students place their books and other belongings around their seat without permission. When students want to study in the reading room, they check the seat with the electronic system in front of the reading room. After that, if they walk into the reading room, and find others stuff on their seat, they feel angry. If you use the library often you might experience it too.

When our reporter walked into the reading room in the main library, the privatizing seats were easily found even though it was not an exam period. Some could argue that it is inevitable while studying but the reading room is public place. We should consider others, and follow the rules. In the lounges, especially computer lounges, there were many broken facilities. Not only the computers but also some chairs were broken. And…some students even steal the computer mouse!!


One of the key parts of being a member of the UOS is participation. Whether you want it or not, you chose your university by yourself. When you decide to be a member of the UOS, it means that you agreed to act like a member of the UOS at the same time. Why have you forgotten this passion in your heart? According to the records from the election commission, only 47.24% of the students participated in the voting during the last student government election.

This is not a new phenomenon at our university. With reference to the college elections, they were similar to the student governments, or even worse. For example, the Engineering College couldn’t elect their president, because of the lack of valid ballots. So, they held an election again a few days ago. Fortunately, other colleges could elect their president, but only the Natural Science College recorded more than half of the students participated in the voting.

When researching the assembly of students, these matters get worse. On March 31st, the assembly of students took place in the main auditorium, but it couldn’t be opened. To satisfy the conditions of opening at least 20 percent of the UOS students should attend the assembly, but only 667 students attended. It was less than 10 percent of our entire student population. Isn’t it a basic right to know what is going on? If the student government decides not to report their accounts, other students should request it. However during the last assembly of students, the situation was overruled. This is the result of the absence of a subject attitude. To participate in the voting and attend the assembly of students, are both examples of showing how much we are concerned and that we are an important part of our university.

On the other hand, however, this phenomenon may be defined as a lack of care for others. All of us, if not, at least many of us know that to accomplish the election and assembly the number of participants is also important, but most of them didn’t use their rights. The reason that they didn’t use it might be personal, but the effects aren’t limited to just a personal level. To investigate further we should recall the second week of the May. In front of the Student Hall, there were tables to encourage absentee ballots. To establish an absentee ballot submission in the university, more than 2,000 voters of the school members should fill out the paper, but it failed at first to get the number of people. It may be that some students who didn’t fill out the paper only think that they can vote on June 2nd, which is the day of the election or maybe they decided not to vote at all. Whatever the reason is, the result restricts others right to vote. However, its period prolonged to gather more people, at last, happily it was done. Therefore, absentee ballot was established in the school. It is an example of participation.


We examined the conditions of using the facilities and the levels of participation on our campus. What do you think after reading this article? We commonly see cookie crumbs, empty cans, and even spilt beverage on desks when we entered a class. If an employee of the UOS doesn’t clean it, who will take charge? A place surrounded like this makes us feel confused and distracted. Are you using things carelessly that is not yours? Are you using the UOS carelessly just because it is not your home? A person’s every single act of his/her behaviors expresses the cultural level of themselves. How would it be if environment managers disappeared? Public facilities are literally for the public. We should treasure them! And, of course, it is proper duty and a consideration for others. Studying is not everything; piling up many specifications is also not everything. We should be real owners of the UOS and use public facilities with a sense of ownership.

In conclusion, the UOS students need to take part in campus activities such as the assembly of students, the election of the student presidents, and so on. Though we elected our representatives, students’ interests were low. We easily can find that there were quite a few complaints about our school through interviews and the website. A happy feature of this misfortune is that the UOS started a campaign called ‘Clean Campus” to make the university better. On May 26, 2010 in front of the Cheonnong Hall, professors, employees, and students all gathered under the name of ‘Clean Day’ and they picked up the garbage on the campus. Not only was the campaign that day, but also the systematic changes has followed by the putting up of no parking place signs, expanding the smoking area, and reinforcing terrific control staff.. It is students that are the main agents to change the complaints.

We tend to uncritically accept…just like high school students… regardless of the results. We, as the students of the UOS, need to reflect on ourselves and a positive change for our campus. We are sure that you know we should have the desire to be an active part of the UOS and to participate. However, most importantly, you need to put into action what you think. Be the solution and be the change…let’s make the UOS an awesome place…collectively!!

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