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Welcome to Herb Island!
Oh Ji-hye Junior Reporter  |  ssong2005@uos.ac.kr
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[0호] 승인 2010.06.03  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Looking for a relaxing place out of downtown? Herb Island is the answer. You can enjoy the beautiful sunshine and sweet fragrance of all kinds of herbs. Walking along the herb lane, you’ll hear and feel the breath of life, a genuine gift from nature! Herb Island would fully satisfy your five senses. Come and make an unforgettable memory as sweet as the scent from a herb!

Herb Island has several different places to explore and enjoy, including the Herb Museum, a Therapy Center, the Un Petite Village, Restaurants, Shops, and a Flower Garden.

The Herb Plant Museum is an inner garden which has nearly 180 different kinds of herbs from all over that world. There are some high quality artifacts placed with gorgeously beautiful flowers and trees. Also, it provides several nice spots to take photos. It’s not just a ‘museum,’ but an experience of serenity! And there’s a ‘real’ museum that records the history of herbs and displays ancient tools that were used to cultivate herbs. This museum shows herbs in ancient times through to present day, and, more importantly, you will learn many new details about the usage of herb and its effects.

Un Petite Village is French meaning ‘A little village.’ It was intended to actualize the traditional French farm household, which attained a self-sufficient life style. You can make your own herb oils, candles, and soaps using different herbs that please your taste and senses.

The Therapy Center is a place where you can enjoy aroma bath and massage. You will be treated with herb tea and oil, which are directly imported from Switzerland. It takes about 70 minutes to go through the entire therapy session, including spa, bath and massage. It will be a perfect place to get rid of your stress.

The Herb Restaurant and Herb Galbi is located on the very west side of the Herb Island. The Herb Restaurant provides various menu items and nice atmosphere. Needless to say, the uniqueness of this restaurant is the variety of herbs. Every dish is served with freshly grown herb, adding more freshness and flavor to your plate. The herb galbi is also marinated with a special herb sauce that many visitors extremely recommend.

After finishing your plate, there is one more joy waiting for you. Herb Bakery is it. The herb garlic bread is the bestselling menu which has lasted for over 10 years. As common garlic bread, it’s crisp at first, then sweet smell and soft texture fill your mouth. With only one bite, you will experience the unforgettable taste!

At the Shop, everything is about herbs, such as teas, candles, oils, soaps and lots of different kinds of artifacts. Be careful, because once you step in, you will have to deal with yourself desiring to buy everything!

Flower Garden is the essence of Herb Island. With dazzling sunshine, singing birds and colorful flowers, you will lose your heart at very first sight! You can take a rest in bower listening to the sound of waterfall.

Pontana di Trevi and Venezia Village are other interesting attractions. Pontana di Trevi is a miniature, which is originated from Rome, Italy. Venezia is also called Venice in English. Now what does Venice remind you of? Right, gondola is it. Although there’s no opera on gondola here, it is worth trying if you want to touch your lover’s heart!

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