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With Pocket Money, Be Cultured Person
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We had tolerated continuous tests and the pressure to enter the university. We had heard that we can do whatever we want to just after we passed the university entrance exam. Watching hundreds movies, going to favorite singer’s concert, and watching many performances are examples you had imagined. Now, are you sufficiently enjoying the cultural life of your dreams, though? You may not be having as much fun as you imagined because the cost of tickets is quite expensive for students. So, The UOS Times wants to introduce some ways for you to enjoy a cultural life at a low cost and tell you about some of the cultural things I have been up to in August. If you make good use of the Internet, you can recognize many ways to enjoy a cultural life.

Such Good Things Exist!

Jazz, Acoustic, Ballad…Why don’t you go to a performance hall to listen to your favorite music since you are now a university student with lots of free time? Usually, if you are interested in an indie band or love music, I recommend you go to a live musical performance in and around Hongik University. Many indie bands usually make their debut through live performances around Hongik University Street, because it is the number one mecca of music performance culture. SORAN’s concert was held at a little theater named Rolling Hall. Though it may be a little theater, the audience could directly see the band at the front of the stage.

When the lead vocalist sang a song’s sad lyrics, the audience was deeply moved by the sound. Although the concert continued for two hours, it was really interesting, since SORAN’s vocalist, Go Young-bae, introduced the band’s drummer, guitarist, bassist and song’s episodes with witty expressions. It was possible not only to listen to live music, but also to share a musical consensus between the performers and audience. By searching information, you can find out good opportunities to see a famous indie band or a promising band at an inexpensive price. As there are many different live clubs, you can find your taste of music genre easily.

“Makgeolli Concert in the Summer Night Star Light Moon Light Concert”was held under the auspices of Seoul with the supervision of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts in the front garden of Namsan Traditional Theater from August 2nd to 6th. A ticket could be reserved for only 1000won on the website. A bottle of Makgeolli was provided for each person, so the audience could sit down on mats spread-out on the front garden or have seats in a Hanok and watch performances while drinking Makgeolli and eating Pajeon.

Most people think Gukak, Korean Traditional music, is boring but it seemed very interesting in this concert because the young musicians transformed the music and played fusion Gukak. If you were there, you would have felt like a Yangban (noble-person), who loved and enjoyed the arts in olden times. It was a beautiful summer night in Seoul, such a busy city.

Namsan Hanok Village is located near Namsan Traditional Theater. There, you are not only able to feel the beauty of Hanok, Traditional Korean Housing, but there are also many interesting things to do at a low cost. You can make Hanji crafts,learn beautiful handwriting, wear hanboks, play Korean Traditional Music instruments, or learn about tea ceremonies everyday from 11:00~17:00, except Tuesday.

On weekends you can make Danso (short bamboo flutes), traditional masks, and fans. Each activity costs between 2,000~8,000 won. Through an internet reservation, you can make Jegi, Sotdae that is a pole signifying prayer for a good harvest, and Jangseung for free on weekends. You can also hear about our cultural heritage if you ask the administration center. There were also nightly performances about traditional percussion and traditional dances in August.

Some Tips for Enjoying Culture-Art Performances at a Low Cost

★★ Every month, there is an event about Korea’s cultural life, named “Happy 1000(천원의 행복)”. To join this event, enter for an event on the website of the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts between the 5th~7th of each month. This is a ticket lottery, so you can check whether you can go to see a performance or not on the 8th. If you are chosen, you can purchase your ticket for only 1000won through online ticketing. (http://www.sejongpac.or.kr/happy1000/)

★★ You can get a chance to contact a variety of performing arts, without any separate procedure for joining, through Seoul Metro homepage.( http://www.seoulmetro.co.kr/)

★★ An entertainment schedule is made every month in Seoul Plaza. Detailed information concerning that month’s schedule is noted on their website. Your task is to check out the shows and the performances you like. (http://plaza.seoul.go.kr/)

★★ All of the processing shows are free at EBS-space (EBS 스페이스 공감). Only winners of the ticket lottery can go to see a show. Applying for EBS-space is available fifteen days before a performance and it finishes five days before the performance. You can check if you won the ticket lottery three days before a performance.

★★ Sejong Belt, with Gwanghwamun and Sejongno at the center, was created as a cultural institutions’ complex that is made up of about thirty culture-art institutions. As Sejong Belt package culture products are being developed, you can purchase tickets at cheap prices. (http://www.sejongbelt.com)

★★ Because there are a lots of discounts (for example, university student discount, couple discount), please examine performance information carefully. Sites below are online reservation ticket sites. You can find good quality performances with cheap prices on the websites below.

-Halfticket (http://www.halfticket.net)
-Ticketlink (http://surprise.ticketlink.co.kr/)

★★ If you pay your membership fee at freeco (http://www.freeco.co.kr/), munsamo (http://www.byu.co.kr/), artian(http://artian.net), you can get a chance to watch an invitation performance.


Name of Events



Chungmuro International Film Festival in Seoul(2010.9.2~9.10) In and around Chungmuro
Seoul Drum Festival(2010.9.4~9.30)> Seoul Forest, Daehangno
Asia Song Festival(2010.9.19)

Seoul World Cup Stadium

Hangawi Gukakhanmadang(2010.9.22) Seoul Square
Brunch Concert along with Nansae GUM(2010.9.28);Ticket cost is 15000won. Seoul Open Theater Changdong


HiSeoul Festival2010(2010.10.1~10.9) Hangang park in Yeouido and Banpo, Seonyudo, and so on
Korea and Japan Festival Hanmadang(2010.10.2~10.3) Seoul Square and Cheonggye Square
Seoul Book Festival(2010.10.9~10.11) Cheonggye Square
Seoul International Fireworks Festival(2010.10.9) Hangang park in Yeouido
An orchestra concert along with violinist Dong-suk Kang(2010.10.23) ;Ticket cost is 15000won. Seoul Open Theater Changdong


Seoul International Lamp Festival(2010.11.5~11.14) The Cheonggye Plaza and in and around the Cheonggye stream
Brunch Concert along with Nansae GUM(2010.11.30); Ticket cost is 15000won Seoul Open Theater Changdong


Seoul Light Festival(2010.12.15~2011.1.15) Seoul Square
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