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[0호] 승인 2010.10.05  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
A few days ago, I met a librarian who works at the Main Library at the University of Seoul. In one of the articles in The UOS Times, the kicker named ‘People,’ reporters interviewed and wrote about him. I interviewed only a few people when I was a reporter.

Therefore, when the reporters who were in charge of the ‘People’ column asked me to accompany them to take his picture, I was a little hesitant. However, after we spent much more time with him than we had expected, it was a great experience for me! His attitude toward life taught me a lot of things. You can read the full story about him in this edition, so I will not tell you all the details. I just want to share what I felt while talking to him.

Before I met him, I had been very frustrated; not sure if the way that I was pursuing my life was appropriate. When this thought filled my mind, I felt it was almost impossible to do something productive. Sometimes serious consideration about life circumstances is very helpful. Through deep thought and consideration, you can find out what you really want, and get to know yourself more deeply. However, in my case, too much concentration about the situation was harmful. To come up with a solution, I had to determine the cause.

Fortunately, I knew the problem was that I was worrying too much! I had set goals in my life already, but yet I was not sure if they were suitable or attainable things for me. Moreover, my goals looked unachievable. That’s why I lost confidence.

During the interview he told that, “You cannot reach the top of a mountain if you look at it from the bottom. Just focus on the bottom of your feet and keep walking. Then you will reach it.” Even though I did not express my worry to him, his advice really helped me. I do have many dreams, but I am sometimes afraid of my future. One of the most important things that I learned was to focus on what I could do right now.

Then, step by step I can reach my goals someday. I think many young people suffer similar problems like me. Do not give up your dreams and do not avoid taking a risk for your future. It will come true someday, even though it may take longer than you expected. I think the important message is that you can achieve your goals by not giving up on them!!
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