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The Truth About Cosmetics
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You may have watched your friends’ appearance change due to make-up. Frankly speaking, you may have experienced a new feeling after applying make-up on yourself. As you know, using make-up is quite familiar to woman and very useful to help us become more beautiful. There are many cosmetics around us. When you are watching TV, you can see many different cosmetics advertisements.

When you are shopping in a department store, you have a choice of various cosmetics shops. Did you know that some cosmetics are not good for you? They can be toxic to you. Let’s find out the truth about cosmetics.

The Expiration Date of Cosmetics

Do you know the expiration date of your make-up? Unfortunately, make-up’s expiration date is under self-regulation in Korea. According to Korea Cosmetic Association (you can receive some information about cosmetics on, the expiration date of base cosmetics and makeup products is after the first thirty months after production. Unfortunately, after opening them, the expiration date becomes shorter. Once you have opened them, base cosmetics should be used within twelve months and you should use makeup products within eighteen months.

However, eye makeup products like mascara and eyeliner should be used within at least six months. Furthermore, the expiration date of products using natural substances is certainly much shorter. It is important to inquire about the expiration date of natural man-made products to the person who is selling them. Also, it is recommended not to use your hands when you spread cream cosmetics. If you use a tiny spatula, you can prevent secondary infections from your fingers and use-by date can be extended. This is killing two birds with one stone. Above all, it is important to store them at the proper temperature and humidity to avoiding decaying your makeup products.

The Price of Cosmetics

You have experienced shock at the high price of cosmetics when you went shopping. The prices are becoming more expensive. Why should you have to spend so much money on cosmetics? Half of the price of the cosmetics relates to advertising and public relations fees. In other words, expensive cosmetics are advertised by famous stars. Actually, it does not cost much to buy ingredients and develop cosmetics. It is more expensive to increase brand image over the competition.

Manufacturing costs are usually about 21% of the total cost of makeup. Depending on the brand there can be significant price gaps. However, the bigger cosmetic companies offer high price to low price brands. For example, L’Oreal group has Lancome, Biotherm, Shuuemura, and Kiehl’s. Esteelauder group has Clinique, Lamer, Mac, and Bobbi Brown. Because each company has inherent ingredients, brands in one company are alike in ingredients. More importantly, if the inherent ingredients are similar, the effects are pretty much the same.

The Safety of Cosmetics

Cosmetics are easily affected by direct light and heat. Therefore, you’d better not buy them if they have been sitting outside on a display stand. It is better to shop for them where they are kept in a case. In addition, if you buy a pump mascara, it decays easier because the air goes into it. Although when mascara hardens, do not put lotion in it. This action is very foolish. If you do not know whether your basic cosmetics are decayed or not, and since they still contain moisturein it, you can still be safe if you want to use them to massage your feet.

In addition, many people misunderstand that toners are good for providing moisture to the skin. However, a toner is strictly a cleaning substance which removes any make-up after washing it off your face. Furthermore, good skin products should not have any perfume, pigments, or preservatives. If pigment in the makeup products remains on your skin, your skin may become discolored because of the pigment’s toxicity. Make-up products must be washed off by using proper cleansing products and must consist of ingredients which do not leave residue on the skin.

However, most products which are manufactured at a cosmetics company are made of more than one compound, and this may cause a reaction to your skin. More importantly, if you experience any skin trouble or allergies after using a particular type of make-up, it is important to stop using it because the cosmetics may include toxic ingredients.

The Secret of Cosmetics Reviews

When you want to buy a particular cosmetic, you may scan fashion magazines and check out blogs. However, they may not be useful because of false reviews. In other words, most cosmetic companies gives money to magazine publishing companies. But the major cosmetic companies may request the editors to write positive articles. Power bloggers may be influenced as well. Unlike the beginning of the blog era, some people are running their blogs to make money. Therefore, if you really want to get good cosmetics, you must have a critical attitude.

‘Do Not Eat This. Yield it to Your Skin.’

This copy is one of Korea’s cosmetics companies advertisements. Many foods which we enjoy are not used to make cosmetics. But, after you read this article, you may eat healthy food without hesitation. If it is great for your skin, it is certainly for better for your beauty.
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