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[0호] 승인 2010.11.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

One of the stereotypes about the students of the University of Seoul was that they dress pleasantly and simple. Monotone colors such as gray and black were jokingly called as the representative colors of the students.

However, the previous trend is being rapidly challenged. Over the years, students have started to adapt the latest fashion trends and develop their own unique styles. The evidence is that it is not difficult for us to spot the fashionable students when walking down the campus. Also, according to the words of senior students, student’s fashion style has dramatically changed compared to that from back in the days when they were freshmen.

Here is some evidence that our people do know what fashion is after all. Aren’t you interested in finding out who are these fashionable people and where are they come from? Let’s find out by having a closer look at them!

It is widely known the fact that student’s duty is studying hard and getting ready to go out into the ‘big’ world. But isn’t enjoying your youth just as important? Since the golden age of youth comes only once in our lifetime. Styling up and express one’s unique characteristics can be one way to enjoy life when you are a university student.

At the UOS, we have all seen the fashionable people around us, it feels as though they, and us, are surely enjoying our youth.

Fashionista in UOS
Fashionista in UOS
Fashionista in UOS

Fashionista in UOS
Fashionista in UOS
Fashionista in UOS

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