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Something Called “Novelty”
Yoon Bo-ram Junior Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2010.11.25  
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The new semester began and a half has gone already. This semester seems more tiring and busy than any other one. After adapting to this busy life, it has gradually gotten boring. It is time to try something new. Eating daily at the Student Hall may be getting monotonous as well. Only drinking an americano at the Caf‘e B`e(Free-Zone) on the campus of the University of Seoul might also be tiresome. So if you need to find something different and special, the answer might be here at the ‘Novelty Restaurant and Caf‘e’. Furthermore, you may know about Sinchon, an area referred to as the ‘City of Youth’. Therefore, let’s go to Sinchon and enjoy ordering at the ‘Novelty Restaurant and Caf‘e’, especially if you are in your ‘hot youth’.

Indian Restaurant

If you wander around the food court or the food alley near the Yeonsei University, in Sinchon for about five to ten minutes with your friends, you’ll be able to see many different restaurants with various types of food and majestic decorations. There, you will be able to find the Manokamana Restaurant which serves Indian dishes. The restaurant is located on the second-floor and its native Indian chef cooks up different flavorful dishes and authentic Indian cuisine. When I went to the restaurant at about half past twelve on a sunny day, the place was already crowded with many people waiting to enjoy their meals.

Needless to say, it is a good idea to reserve a table in advance. A diversified menu selection was available and I chose to try an original Indian curry for the first time. (You must not come up with the images of the instant curry that we spread on boiled-rice and cook them for 3 minutes because this is really different!) It was an authentic Indian dish with finely minced chicken on the top of the rice, and the taste itself had a sweetish flavor without the sugar. Apart from the Indian curry, Tandoori Chicken and Naan (the Indian bread) were other things that I have tried at the restaurant. After really enjoying these two dishes, I realized why many people come to visit this restaurant repeatedly.

A dessert called Lassi was given to us after the meal. It resembled plain yogurt, but the Lassi had its own distinct flavor and taste that distinguished itself from regular yogurt. Although Indian foods have a strong smell and taste, many spices they use were really familiar to us. So if you have an interest in trying new exotic foods from around the world, why hesitate? Let’s go to Sinchon and check it out!

Wedding Caf‘e

The popular places for wedding cafes are in Apgujeong-dong or Myung-dong. However, as I have perviously mentioned, Sinchon and Hong-dae are areas you may really enjoy and feel more youthful. I would like to introduce to a new Caf‘e located in Seodaemoon-gu around Ewha University Station. This Caf‘e’s gate attracts you with both the interior and exterior design, the fancy decorations, and the signage of the Caf‘e. Actually, the Caf‘e’s interior is not much different from other Caf‘es. Basically, the Caf‘e provides various types of cake, coffee, juices and other beverages at reasonable prices. However, this Caf‘e allows you to experience a wedding. They offer many dresses, tiaras and jewelries which are accessories that you can use to dress and decorate yourself. Some couples who are preparing to marry come to this Caf‘e so they can have their marriage pictures taken at a comparatively low prices.

Also, there are various drama character’s clothes available for you to try on. You might know about Joo-mong or Seondeock-Queen. You can become one of these characters at the cafe. You are permitted to wear the clothes and take pictures. Furthermore, there are many beautiful places where you can take a photo. You don’t have any make-up? Don’t worry! This Caf‘e offers you make-up and hair dryers at a minimal cost. Do you think that is only about women? It is not true. They also offer tuxedos for men. So, many couples come here to make memories. Besides, wedding Caf‘e provides kids’ clothes as well as clothes for adults. Therefore, many families also come to take a family photos. You can take the pictures yourself or you can also use the services of the expert photographers in this Caf‘e. Come out and play!!
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