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[0호] 승인 2010.11.25  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

This article is about the planning for the 47th Student Council Election and was prepared by the UOS Press Conference; The UOS Times, JBS, UOS Press, Daehakmunwha(UOS Students Journal)

7,786 : 1

Do you know what this number means? It means the present enrollment in the University of Seoul(UOS). Every November, the UOS students elect the new president for the Student Council. Last year, we elected Ryu Han-u, the 46th president of the Student Council. He pledged the UOS students ‘10 promises for 20s’ (The contents are listed right). One year later, we interviewed him to check and see if he fulfilled all his promises!

The 46th Student Council regarded communication very important. So they tried to hear UOS student’s voice in many ways. For example, they tried to expand the number of liberal arts. So, first they asked students what kinds of subject they want to listen, and Student Council collected student voices. Delivering it to UOS and they derived positive conclusion from University. And it will be applied next semester. But all promises are not fulfilled. They tried to install shoe repair shop in UOS for expanding student welfare, however it has not come true today.

The satirical cartoon about Student Council.
(Impatient criticism than encouragement)

Amateurism versus a Vibrant UOS

The 46th Student Council is usually compared with the 44th Student Council because the UOS student think that the 46th Student Council did many outdoor activities like the 44th Student Council. However, these activities were lacking in overall organizational skills. Needless to say, some of the UOS students evaluated and labeled the 46th Student Council as ‘Amateurism.’

However, not all comments were negative because other students thought that this Student Council made the school more vibrant. According to these opinions, the President stated, “It is standpoint between the two different points of view.”

Before they started this comparison they were already familiar with the past 3 years of activity by the Student Council. For example, the 45th Student Council aimed to improve the recognition of the UOS. The 44th Student Council aimed to expand the UOS student’s social participation. So, the 46th Student Council did not consider these separately and they tried to address both of these issues. They were establishing ties with several professional sports teams based in Seoul and they tried to improve the recognition of the UOS. Also on June they installed absentee ballots place in UOS and they try to expand UOS student’s social participation.

More importantly, these activities were communicated to the UOS students by twitter and through the website. ( However, it had limitations. They cannot draw in the student’s participation. So they lacked a quorum for every assembly of students. And they were not able to revise the UOS student Council rules.

The activities about Student Council.
The 46th Student Council

Dear. UOS students.

Nowadays students are generally not interested in participating in various school organizations like Student Council and clubs. Many students are finding it very stressful to prepare for job interviews and focus on their future career.

However, I want to remind the UOS students that we can get many benefits from participating in the school community. For example, a few days ago, there was a ‘major subject’ modification period and if you wanted to change the subject in a major, you were enable to voice your opinion. However, there were problems in getting the information to the students and subsequently, there was low participation. In addition, the Seoul Metropolitan Government enforced the ‘Brother/Sister Happy Project’ and the UOS had low participation in this program as well.

It is important to remember that participating in more school programs and outdoor activities creates an environment of social sharing and we can receive more benefits from other organizations. So it is my hope that many UOS students participate in these programs to enjoy several benefits and get out to make new friends and meet more people.

From. The 46th Student Council President


In conclusion, the Student Council cannot satisfy all the UOS students. But, as students, when we are interested in the Student Council activities, it will be operating more with what, we, the UOS students want. The Student Council is not their own organization; it is all the UOS students’ organization.

In the future, I would sincerely ask that the UOS students show more active action and participation in activities with the Student Council and the UOS. The University of Seoul is a wonderful place to study! Let us get out and participate because you and I can both enjoy the benefits of the UOS!

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