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[0호] 승인 2011.03.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

It is the start of a new semester. Some of you may be looking forward to interesting lectures, while others are afraid of the many impending assignments and exams. Cheer up guys! After 16 short weeks, a long summer vacation awaits you, during which you can release the stress that you have built up over the semester. Can not wait that long? Then go on a trip! I strongly suggest Singapore as a refreshing escape. Like many places around the world, you can experience a unique culture.

However the main reason that I recommend Singapore is for the amusement possibilities. Yeah! This is the point! You can enjoy and play as you did during your childhood. But do not expect the same things that you are used to, as more exciting and high tech activities are waiting for you!

On Top of the City, the Singapore Flyer

The biggest ferris wheel in the world is in Singapore. It is 165 meters tall and has 28 capsules to ride in. You can see the big wheel from far distances. I bet that you will probably want to ride the wheel as soon as you see it. When you first enter the capsule, the size of it will overwhelm you. Each capsule is big enough to hold 28 people at the same time and they each have a different concept. If you pay more, you can enjoy sightseeing with nice champagne or over a fine dinner.

Moreover, you can even book a capsule just for yourself! Whatever you choose, everyone of course starts at the bottom. At the bottom of the wheel, it does not look spectacular at all, but as the capsule goes up, you will be surprised by the beauty of Singapore. You would see unique shapes of modern buildings, the lights of tiny cars, and the deep blue of the sea.

Sentosa Island

Even though Singapore is a hot spot for shopaholics, it also has many cool places to hang out. One of the most famous places is Resort World Sentosa, the “Island of amusement.” As you can see from its slogan, there are many things for you to enjoy. You can spend your holiday in Sentosa enjoying everything from leisure sports to exciting attractions.

Once is Never Enough, Introducing Luge

People usually ride sleds during winter on snow, but it is also fun to ride sleds on the ground on a tropical island! A luge is a kind of sled that you ride on the ground. If you pull the handle a little bit, it starts to move. When you pull it back fully, it stops. You also can control the direction of the sled with the handle. There are two courses for luge, and I strongly recommend you try riding enjoy both of the courses. There are many curves on the course which make the ride even more exciting. Enjoy speeding in a safe environment!

Attractions for All Ages, Universal Studios

Whether or not you like amusement parks you will not regret buying a ticket to Universal Studios. All the roads and attractions are decorated with themes of famous movies such as Shrek, Madagascar, and The Mummy. You can enjoy various attractions surrounded by famous movie characters and you can even take pictures with them!

However unfortunately, some of the attractions, ‘Madagascar: A Crate Adventure’ have not opened yet, and the Battlestar Galactica(roller coaster)’ was undergoing repairs. Therefore, if you want to ride both of them, check on the Internet before you go.

The Safest Roller Coaster in the Entire World: Cine Blaster

Usually, if you want to ride something exciting in an amusement park, you will probably ride a roller coaster or a pirate ship ride. However, if you have acrophobia, your options are dramatically limited. This was a problem I faced constantly! Well, be frustrated no more! There is now good news for fellow acrophobias, there is now an alternative for us, the Cine Blaster! It is a virtual reality roller coaster.

You can enjoy the thrills and excitement of a roller coaster without facing your fear of heights. Of course there are similar rides in Korea, but you had better not compare Cine Blaster to those boring ones in Korea. It is totally different and better!

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