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[0호] 승인 2011.03.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Hello everyone! It is a delight to introduce to you this well-known legal drama of the United States - Boston Legal. The drama deals with various happenings related to the fictional law firm ‘Crane, Poole & Schmidt.’ It introduces us to varied, but eccentric personalities of lawyers at the firm, storying on the trials and tribulation of clients with differing cases.

Sally, girlfriend of Alan has her debut trial on the following day. She is nervous and asks for advice.

Sally: Why aren’t you helping me?
Alan: Sally, I have a trial on my own, beginning tomorrow, a rather big one.
Sally: But this is my very first trial.
Alan: You’ve certainly been to court before, I have no doubt.
Sally: Motion practice. This is with the jury. I don’t think I’m ready.
Alan: Trial law, getting the jury to trust you so they’ll believe what you tell them. That’s all it is.
Sally: Really?
Alan: Sincerity, Sally. Once you learn to fake that there’ll be no stopping you.

Have a trial 재판/공판이 있다 Have doubt (on~) (~을) 의심하다 Motion practice (=motion) (법정에서의) 발의 With the jury 배심원단과 밀접한 관련성이 있다 To fake ~ ~인 것처럼 위조하다

Brad is defending Susan’s charge of homicide. His supportive statement is that there is no actual proof that she killed her husband; but even if she did, she had no conscious intent to do so.

Brad: It’s possible that Susan May, seeing her husband making love with another woman, went into a dissociative state , acted outside of her conscious control. But it doesn’t really matter whether she pulled that trigger or not. Because she formed no legal, mental intent to do so, which is an element of the crime. ‘Reasonable doubt’ as to whether or not she did it, no evidence of intent even if she did - it all leads to the same verdict. Not guilty.

Make love with 성관계를 하다 Get into a dissociative state (정신적) 분열상태에 접어들다 Outside of conscious control (개인의) 의식적 통제로부터 벗어나 Legal, mental intent to~ ~할 법적, 그리고 정신적 의지 Reasonable doubt (법률) 합리적 의혹, 이성을 가진 사람이면 당연히 품을 의혹; 검찰이 이 같은 의혹을 입증하지 못하면 피고는 무죄 평결

Alan and his new girlfriend Rebecca are enjoying their time together. Rebecca suggests playing a small act in the bar, as she wants to test Alan’s masculinity.

Tara: Well, how about a little play acting, then?
Alan: Only if this time, I get to be the sheep.
Tara: I’m gonna sit over there and pretend to be alone. And you’re gonna approach me being the stranger that you are, and conquest me.
Alan: Oh, Don’t be silly.
Tara: No, I’d like to see how you operate , Mr. Shore

Masculinity 남자다움 Be the sheep 당하는사람 (Sheep, lamb은 나약한 사람, 약자를 상징함) Being the stranger 낮선 사람인 척 하며 Conquest ~ ~을 정복하다, 여기서는 ‘마음을 쟁취하다’ 라는 의미 How ~ operate ~가 어떻게 행동할지

Jason is being suspected for the murder of Gerard. However, Jason denies himself murdering Gerad and explains his innocence to the attorney.

Jason: Miss Colson, I have never been in a fight before.
Lori: Okay, we need to be able to call a witness or two who can speak to your nonviolent character.
Jason: Well, I told you, my mother.
Lori: Mothers tend to come off as biased.
Sally: There’s gotta be somebody else. Friends, coworkers, there’s gotta be somebody.
Jason: Well, I live at home, I work at home. I hardly ever go out. My mother’s the only one.

Have never been in ~ ~을 해본, 겪은 경험이 없다 Call a witness 증인을 부르다 Nonviolent character 비폭력적인 성격 Come off as biased 편향되다, 편향된 시각을 갖다 Hardly ever ~ 거의 ~ 하지 않는다

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