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[0호] 승인 2011.03.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
There are a couple of things about the university of Seoul that are mind-boggling to me! If you have never heard that saying, it means that something is hard to believe. First, I am simply amazed at the effort that the team of students put forth for each issue of The UOS Times. They volunteer their time and energy to research and write English articles ~ not an easy task when Korean is their first language.

Then they put all the articles together to produce the layout for The UOS Times quite successfully! More importantly, with their hectic schedules it is really hard to believe how they succeed to create such an informative magazine three times per semester...but they do!!

Secondly there is one more thing that is simply hard to believe ~ the energy that is wasted at the UOS. Every year when the weather gets cold I walk around the campus and see the front doors of many buildings wide-open! I ask my students, “If it is really cold outside do you leave your front door open at home?” Without hesitating they respond, “Oh no, the heating costs would be too high!” Unfortunately, I see professors, faculty and students just walking through the open doors and not taking the time to simply close the door behind them to conserve energy.

The energy costs for the UOS must be mind-boggling. Not only when the heat is on, but also when the air-conditioning is on. Please, please shut the doors and take the time to care about protecting our environment. My vision is that we at the UOS take pride in conserving energy that we care about protecting our environment now and for our children’s future. We sometimes take for granted the luxuries we have that others can only imagine, like heat and hot water.

Next time you walk through an open door on campus and it is freezing cold outside ~simply close the door! I know for sure that if you had to pay the utility bills at the UOS you would definitely close the doors. If we reduce the energy costs of the UOS perhaps we can use the extra money to help fund education programs for those in need!!

Sincerely, Susan Pratt
Senior Editor for The UOS Times
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