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[0호] 승인 2011.04.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Hwang Yoon-jeong (Reporter)

In this article, I introduced a movie, “Don’t Cry for Me, Sudan.” I want you to get interested in the movie and feel somthing moved like I did. I am sure that it will give you an opportunity to think in earnest about your life. Have you done your plans as scheduled in the beginning of this year? Although you cannot speak with confidence, do not get frustrated. Cheer up! You can do everything! Work hard and try to be easy at the same time. Flowers begin to blossom everywhere and a light breeze is blowing. How about having time for yourself?

Kim Tae-yi (Reporter)

In a group, when new members join, it brings about a lot of changes. Looking at the freshmen cub-reporters, it reminded me of last year, when I first entered into The UOS Times. The girl who had a strong passion and vision towards the magazine was I, myself, back in the days. After a year has been passed, I see myself with those eagerness has gradually faded. Facing new reporters made me realized that and gave me the opportunity to reconsider my behavior and attitude. Now I know that I should keep up with what I firstly had in my mind. Thank you cub-reporters to freshen up my mind and welcome you all! I am looking forward to working with you ;)

Park Hye-ryeong (Reporter)

Wow! What I want to say is that time really does flies! A month has already been passed since the new semester began. I feel I am responsible for everything to my junior. And, it is like I am not accessed a bit of mistakes because I am not a freshman anymore. Being a member of The UOS Times, I have learned many things such as importance of keeping a time through meeting the deadline. Also, I could know more knowledge and wise collecting news. I am proud of being a composition of The UOS Times. I will be more responsible reporter forever~

Yang Chan-sik (Reporter)

This time, I wrote ‘Vogue.’ Before I wrote an article, I hesitated to select where should I go. However, when I searched the places to travel, I thought ‘Seoul has many unknown places to go.’ I am very happy to introduce these places to you. I suggest you to go on a trip like me. I hope that you have a happy semester.

Yoon Bo-ram (Reporter)

It has been a long time since I became a reporter. It is quite exciting that an article is published by me. Yes, I am a reporter!! Although I have not enough reporter’s ability, I am proud of myself and my articles, too. By writing articles, I can feel lively. I want to say, ‘thank you for reading my article.’

Kim Yong-seok (Junior Reporter)

With more and more experience in The UOS Times, I get to realize how much input of time and effort is required to publish a magazine. At first, I only thought that I was providing valuable information to students of UOS through my articles. But then I realized that I also was a part of the student body and that my writing matters as much to ‘me’ as anyone else. Thus, I am able to participate in the work I do here in The UOS Times with more motivation.

Sung Chun-mo (Junior Reporter)

When I first came to The UOS Times, I did not expect that I would put myself so in to it. At first, I was annoyed and tired with the amount of work I had to do as a The UOS Times reporter. Sometimes, I even regretted joining The UOS Times. Nowadays however, I think joining The UOS Times was one of greatest fortune that came to me. Being in The UOS Times has not only improved my English skills, it also improved my time managing skills. However, the most valuable thing that The UOS Times gave me; is friends. Today, there is not a single regret of joining The UOS Times.

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