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Here are the five new reporters of The UOS Times
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트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Park Dong-yeol
Dept. of Physics

Hello, my name is Park Dong-yeol. I was born in Suwon-si, and I live in Suwon for all my life. My birthday is July 27, 1992. And I am in the Department of Physics. I take a role of drum, vocal and composer in my band activity. I’m very passionate person. I apply The UOS Times because I like to write in English and I did lots of work in that field already in my high school days. I love to listen to music and sing a song. I love to do something interesting and excting. I am going to be busy because of all thess activities but I will do my best on this work.

Yoon Hye-lin
Dept. of International Relations

Hello to all The UOS Times readers! It is nice to meet you in words! I am a new cub-reporter.
I like English and enjoy delivering school news to other students. I was actively involved with the English Newspaper Club in High school so, I decided to join The UOS Times.
It is a great pleasure for me to have been given this opportunity. I will do my best to write readable, useful and vivid news. Please show more interest in The UOS Times!

Lim Gyu-hoon
Dept. of English Language and Literature

Hello! I am very glad to be a cub-reporter of The UOS Times. I spent very tough week learning about The UOS Times. I came to school at 8:00 a.m. everyday to study rules of writing skills and history of The UOS Times during a week. As I enter The UOS Times through all the hardships, I will do my best as a cub-reporter. Please keep an eye on The UOS Times!

Choi Yu-hyun
Dept. of International Relations

Hello. It is an honor to be a cub-reporter of The UOS Times and I am really looking forward to having my articles published in the magazine. I applied to become a reporter in The UOS Times because I enjoy English and I thought it would be fun to officially write about something in English. Moreover, I thought that senior reporters’ feedback on my writings would be very helpful in improving my English. Though I am a little bit afraid about deadlines, I think it will be a unique and enjoyable experience.

Lamberg Dennis
Exchange Student

The main reason for me to join The UOS Times is simple: I am a journalism student back at home, and I want to see how things are done here. What can I learn from the differences I guess exist? Home is Stockholm, Sweden, and after three semesters studying journalism I felt like taking a break. Now I am here, the furthest away from Stockholm my school’s exchange program could take me. I will only be in Seoul for one semester, but I hope to make the most of it!
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