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How to Get a Lover via Blind Dating
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A woman is looking forward to find her love once more today. She whispers to herself, ‘everything is gonna be fine…’ But her phone is still not ringing after her blind date. What is wrong with her!!! This article is for her, who may be you. What is the best way of having a successful date? Does he/she like me? What dating courses give good results? Here are the answers.

Before Dating…

Go on a blind date at least three times…
How many times do you have to go on a date in order to find your true love? How many blind dates must you go on before you can choose a partner? If using probability to solve these questions, it is 0.01 percent of probability that the first date would be the best. After the first date, and it raises 0.05 percent of probability that you can meet the best partner in the second date. Finally, the chance is 0.01 percent that the 99th date would be the best. So, how many times do you have to go on a blind date in order to choose your best match? The answer is 37. Probability of 37th date is 37.1 percent. This is the highest record. In other words, if you go on 100 dates, you can choose a partner on the 37th date. If you go on 10 dates, you can choose third date’s partner. Eventually, this answer says that you need not to rush to a conclusion or to stop making such a big deal of it.

Group blind date is better than one-to-one blind date
What is the better one? One-to-one blind dates or group blind dates? You might think that a group blind date is competitive so a one-to-one blind date is better. But, research studies have found that group dating is better for those looking for a relationship. Recently, researchers at the University of Arizona in the U.S. examined both men and women’s psychology in various situations. 1:1 meeting, 2:2 meeting, and other various situations were set up, and they asked subjects how they would act. When they analyzed the applicants’ answers, women judged together if their partners are suitable to hers. Men helped each other. That is, same sex tried to win over the each partner by cooperating instead of competing.

Red lips are loved
Evolutionary psychologists suggest that women should wear red lipstick when hanging out because they believe men had evolved to like red lips. When women are on their ovulation period, their lips becomes redder because estrogen is secreted much more. Also, other research found that men prefer red clothes. By the way, men do better to express himself ‘so pretentious,’ because women have evolved to choose a spouse based on who can provide a stable life and guard their off-spring.


Send a ‘precious’ message
Eventually, you will find your soulmate. But to what end? Does yourpartner like you equally? What are you going to do to appeal to your partner? American economist, A. Michael Spence adopted signal theory. Signal theory can be understood by hiring employees and looking for a job. Job candidates know themselves but the company has limited knowledge of them. So, candidates need to show their ability using every means possible. You can also apply this theory to a blind date. In brief, you should appeal to your partner. However you are talking about the fact that you are fine and yet, your partner could not believe your talking. Economists call speaking without a guarantee of truth, ‘cheap talk.’ Therefore, you should send a precious message which partner is able to be sure about your ability. And, you try to map out a strategy for appealing to your partner.

Eating meat for date
Now this is a real date! The fun of eating could make your partner have a good feeling about you. If you want to win the favor of your partner, you need to reserve a table at a respected restaurant. Also, a restaurant with dim lighting may be better. People can feel a sense of closeness in the dark because they feel fear and depend on each other. Meat is recommended as a dating meal because a lot of phenylalanine, which is a neurotransmitter that causes feelings of love, is in meat, shrimp, and beans.

After Dating…

Propose scientifically
A mellow song may help your cause. At the University of Bretagne-Sud in France, Prof. Nicolas Gueguen obtained data from a survey of 87 of single women. “How about a drink,” a little boring work had success in 28 percent of women. But if soft music was playing, same work had success in 52 percent of women. It is very nice and easy to propose with flowers. According to American psychologist, Gordon Orleans, because fruit, and nuts appear after bloom, women have evolved to like flowers.

What do you think? Can you become more confident? If so, let’s go for it!!
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