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[0호] 승인 2011.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Platoon Kunsthalle is a venue located in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu. It started with the concept as an idea bank for new spectacles of Asian subculture. The building itself is shaped very unique as a link of container boxes and a large garage area. It signifies an area where something is designed, processed, and manufactured - new ideas in its case. Not only is the outside view of the building unique, but the inside is as special as well. Stairs and doors are all linked to the image of a ‘factory’ while simultaneously evoking feelings of both discomfort and a productive motivation. It accommodates a cozy bar where you can enjoy many different western dishes and beverages.

Here, many different artists from all over the world gather to focus on specific fields of cultural studies, experiments and developments. This enables them to constantly stretch the boundaries of human culture. They work in their designated labs, each separated by container boxes where they put themselves into their work with a group of other team members. Project groups are formed by both Koreans and foreigners. English becomes the main language used in the area along with Korean.

Events such as ‘Artist Talk’ are held regularly to illustrate the progression of ideas and share the thoughts and opinions of the creative artists. For example, there were presentations by various artists on diverse topics such as an introduction to a new movement of a mix between street art, environmentalism, paranoia and political activism. Other topics include the ideology of Japanese futuristic animations, an aesthetic alternative to lookism and so on.

The artist was held on my visit was the ‘Hacker Space Seoul.’ They gave a presentation about the background of hacking, the many different branches of hacking, and most importantly outlining the group’s ongoing work on specific focuses. The talk was conducted in English, but translated into Korean at the same time by a member of the team responsible for translation. The talk began by describing the general issue brought up when a team works on one thing. There can be a lot of confusion due to the different opinions and disagreements, but the team eventually managed to come together and cooperate as a whole. People of different backgrounds have gathered to “break stuff, make stuff, and have a good time together.”

Our overall view regarding hacking is pretty negative and distorted. However, the speaker informed us that it is more than just doing unethical practices such as hacking credit cards. It should be considered as a collective movement that deals with codes and good programming skills. He moved on to outline the concept and origin of hacking and introduced the group’s vision. Then he outlined their work on projects such as a ‘Biomimetic Kinetic Orchestra,’ which is carried out by developing new virtual areas by utilizing high techniques of computer programming skills and the artists’ creativity.

Having the chance to observe this place called Platoon Kunsthalle, artists carrying out creative functions not confined by anything, I began to get the feeling that we have a lot to learn from their activities. We as the brains of tomorrow should widen our perspective regarding culture and not trapped in traditional culture or ways of thinking. The presence of subcultures enables creativity to develop. Isn’t your current life limited in those theories and formulas you have learned? Then why not try and visit this venue and let your imagination go free? You will find yourself in a more global space, with a freer spirit, in a place where you will experience something new and fresh.

All photos credited by Kim Yong-seok
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