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[0호] 승인 2011.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Kim Tae-yi Reporter
Are you ready for the summer? I’m dying for this summer; especially since I’m finally going on a trip to Europe which I’ve longed for for many years. Other than Europe, I made plans to visit Busan with my friends. Just by making such plans, it feels as though the summer has already come. The youth is enjoyable as it is, and summer would add to it. While enjoying it, we have to make sure to be cautious about our safety. Let’s enjoy our summer and meet again at the beginning of next semester!

Yang Chan-sik Reporter
When I prepared this month’s ‘Review’, I was very nervous because the topic was so stimulating and it was difficult to choose an adequate level to write this article. In addition, it was tiring to analyze why we go crazy about plays for adults. But when I finished my article, it was very fruitful and exciting. So during The UOS Times activities, it was a very impressive article for me. And it was our last magazine for the spring semester. I ask all UOS students for your continuous interest and participation. We will see you in the next magazine in September!

Kim Yong-seok Junior Reporter
Visiting a completely new place to produce an article was an adventurous experience for me. Especially since I was on my own, the camera was the only thing that accompanied me. However, I think being able to confront a completely new situation and environment by myself was a really interesting and helpful experience. Bringing out conversations with people you don’t know, and adapting to a new environment was a skill that I really needed to do in order to widen my perspective and interact with people beyond my current network. So I think the experience I had opened my mind to trying out new things, and taught me that if I take no risks that there might be nothing refreshingly new in my life.

Lim Gyu-hoon Cub-Reporter
Since I started at the UOS times, I’ve experienced many things. I’ve met many people, wrote campus news, worked on typesetting and so on. Especially, as I wrote campus news about the farewell banquet and inaugural ceremony, I learned about many things that I wasn’t previously aware of and took a bigger interest in school events. It was a very nice experience. Summer vacation will come soon. I plan on doing a lot of things such as a train trips with my best friends, a part-time job and study for TOEIC. I want all of you to have nice summer vacation and I’ll see you later in the next edition.

Yoon Hye-lin Cub-Reporter
This was the second time that I took part in publishing the magazine. During my three month stint, I experienced more than I expected, such as weekly meetings, luxurious dinners, busy typesetting sessions, moving offices, watching plays for reports and so on. Above all things, however, it was worthwhile becoming more concerning about school news while writing the Campus News. I think the advantages of participating in The UOS Times include not only improving my English ability but learning to take more interest about all issues. It helped me enrich my knowledge by observing varying things within and beyond our school campus. So I recommend to you all to become a member of the UOS times.

Choi Yu-hyun Cub-Reporter
For the last edition of The UOS Times, I was only assigned to write one article but this time I was assigned to write two and it kind of came to me as a bit of extra pressure. However, as I was writing the campus news for this edition, I truly found enjoyment in writing articles. Also, for the 93rd anniversary ceremony article, I had to actually attend the event. It was my first time writing an article after actually seeing the event so it was a fresh experience for me. Lastly, it was good to learn about the aims of the new president of our university at the ceremony.
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