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Here is farewell from two reporters of The UOS Times
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[0호] 승인 2011.07.07  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Song Jin-young

Yeah! It’s finally over after two and a half years. It was a great experience being reporter for The UOS Times because I met new people and learned how to make a magazine. How could I experience those things if I wasn’t one of the reporters? The last year especially was full of unforgettable memories since I was the Editor-in-Chief. I had more work that I could handle after I got the position, from editing articles to making people get to meetings on time. It was very stressful but I earned some good lessons about relationships and working systems as well.
I am really looking forward to the upcoming fall. This fall I will leave not only the magazine but will also be taking a semester off. For someone who is exhausted from all the work related not only to publishing the magazine but also from other activities, a break is very much welcomed. I am planning to do some interesting things, from maybe working at a zoo or working at a restaurant. It is a pity that I cannot share my experiences with you, the readers, anymore. But the next editor who replaces me will no doubt have many interesting stories to share. Thanks to all of you. Adieu.

Hwang Yoon-jeong

I feel so much affection for The UOS Times. I’m sorry that my term of office has already finished. I joined The UOS Times as soon as I entered the University of Seoul. Frankly, I wasn’t interested in writing articles, but rather I was more interested in taking pictures with DSLR, because I wanted to learn how to take good pictures. My interest about cameras cooled down soon after however, and I became fascinated by my role as a reporter. I can say with confidence that it gave me very precious experiences in my life. I met many different people in many different fields, and learned about passion for their lives from them. It helped me grow and have a broader perspective.
I got many things from The UOS Times; friends, juniors, seniors, many experiences, how to cooperated with others... I appreciate every person that I met and worked with, especially the reporters in The UOS Times. And I especially appreciate and feel sorry for Jin-young, who is the Editor-in-Chief of The UOS Times. She is not only a good friend, mentor but also a good leader because she listens carefully to every reporter’s opinion and leads us well. She gave me tips whenever I had difficulties in my life. I usually missed my deadlines and feel very sorry that I did not help her as much as I should. “Jin-young, thank you very much for everything. In fact, you were a very nice editor!! I will take your advice about meeting a boyfriend, especially Hyde XP. Have a good time in your retirement and always be my friend :)”
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