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[0호] 승인 2011.08.31  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
During summer vacation, there were a lot of big and small events. Some people suffered because of heavy rain. Specifically, ten students died and six students were injured in Chuncheon because of a landslide. Those students were attending Inha University. So, most university students in Korea were sad and concerned about this disaster. However, the saddest thing for the University of Seoul (UOS) students was the death of Hwang Seung-won. I have heard about high tuition fees and read articles about how students struggle because of them. When I attended 49Jae, a memorial for the souls of the dead, I felt the serious problem regarding tuition fees in person. Also, I felt regret by listening to memorial addresses from various people sharing sorrow. “Why am I so indifferent about the anguish of others?” Like my friend, Hwang Seung-won, tuition fees are everyone’s burden and they affect not only me but also my friends.

Therefore, The UOS Times reporters covered this subject and the half tuition fee policy which is a sensitive issue for university students. In our Cover Story, reporters wrote about the backgroud of the policy of half tuition fees. Moreover, they reviewed the pros and cons of half tuition fees. I had first thought that the tuition fees of UOS are already inexpensive so I felt that half tuition fees were not essential. However, I realized this thought might ignore people who feel the burden of the ‘already cheap’ tuition fees. It would be great if you listen to the different opinions and have an understanding attitude.

Besides, this month’s magazine has a new kicker called ‘Global UOS.’ The purpose of this kicker is to stimulate the use of programs available at the university. UOS has various programs so you can experience diverse things. Also, if you listen to the story of somebody’s experience, you will feel “There are many people who enjoy active lives.” To use a common saying, students at university have to find out their own food unlike high school students who are cared for by their teachers. How lucky to get a good chance in university! You can listen to fellow students’ stories about having a meaningful summer break.

I’m honored to be an editor-in-chief. This month’s magazine is my first edition after I became the editor-in-chief. I remember when I wrote my first kicker of a vogue with another senior. I was really excited because there was my name as a junior reporter for the first time. Likewise, I am thrilled because my name is on the page as an editor-in-chief. At the same time, I feel a heavy burden of responsibility. This magazine is made by all the members of The UOS Times so I have to show their good aspects and make a magazine of great quality. Although it is hard for me to do everything, I believe in the members of The UOS Times and I will handle all these things well. The more people work and work, the easier we can accomplish things.

Now that the new semester is beginning, students who enjoyed short summer vacation are coming back to the university! Welcome to the university! Also, I send my condolences to Hwang Seung-won one more time. Good bye, our friend. I will remember you as a part of the magazine.
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