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How to Be a *‘Mom-Zzang’
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As summer comes, many people become interested in ‘making a slim or muscular body.’ Many TV programs such as ‘health girl’ in GAG Concert or ‘Absolute Men’ in XTM channel are introducing an effective way to be a ‘Mom-Zzang’. Also, comedians ‘O Ji-heon’, ‘Jeong Jong-cheol’ and ‘Park Jun-hyeong’ have succeeded in making muscular bodies and posted their body photos online, which were envied by many people. So we are going to see ‘How to Be a Mom-Zzang’ in this issue. If you follow the steps shown below, you can make muscular body. Now, let’s look at the secret of mom-zzang.

About Anaerobic Exercise

Anaerobic exercise is a kind of exercise that makes energy and supplies to the muscles by the reaction of glycogen regardless of the oxidation process. The expected effect of anaerobic exercise is improvement of one’s sports ability (physical stength, muscular endurance, muscular power and reflexes) and an increase in the amonunt of muscle.

How to Make Large Pectoral Muscles

Exercise Outline
This exercise can increase the overall size of the pectoral muscle, triceps and deltoids. It is effective in making a strong and well-balanced upper body.

Exercise Procedures
1. Lie down on a bench and make your waist arch-shaped, attaching your butt to the back of the chair. Grab the bar about twofold of your shoulder width and make your eyes vertical with the barbell.
2. Lift the bar and make it vertical with the center of your chest. Then fix it with your arms bent.
3. Slowly pull the barbell above your chest to about 10~15cm.
4. Push the barbell slowly, using the power from your armpit.

1. Do not bend your wrist excessively
2. If you put excessive weight on your chest, your shoulder might be damaged.

Exercise Tip
1. You can stimulate the pectoral muscle most effectively when you pull and push the barbell at a slow and steady pace.
2. Do not spread out your elbow completely and keep your pectoral muscles tense.

How to Make Shoulder Muscles

Exercise Outline
The goal of this exercise is to develop the deltoids. The advantage of this is that it can limit the range of the muscle and focus on stimulating an aimed area. Repeat this exercise with a lightweight dumbbell to stimulate your muscular fiber.

Exercise Procedures
1. Spread out your legs about shoulder width and bend your waist forward with your knees bent slightly.
2. Grab the dumbbells and position your arms in front of your shins with your arms bent slightly.
3. Raise the dumbbells until they are parallel to your shoulders.
4. Lower the dumbbells slowly in front of your shins.

1. Do not flex your upper body or knees.
2. If your arms go up too high above your head, you could damage your shoulder. So do not raise your arms over your shoulder-line.

Exercise Tip
If you use a high pulley while standing up, you can reduce the burden on your waist and have equal resistance and range of motion.

How to Make Arm Muscles

Exercise Outline
It is effective in developing triceps. If you want to make well-balanced arm muscle, it is preferable to do this exercise alternately.

Exercise Procedures
1. Place your left hand and knee on the bench, spread out your back and bend over horizontally. Bend your right knee slightly.
2. Grab the dumbbell with your right hand and fix it even with your right side.
3. Raise the dumbbell until it becomes horizontal with the ground. Then stop for about 2~3 seconds.
4. Lower the dumbbell slowly and get back to the original position. Repeat in the same way on the other side.

1. Maintain your back horizontal with ground.
2. Do not raise your shoulders excessively.
3. While exercising, keep your arms attached to your side.
4. Do not make your elbow in an angle less than 90 degrees.

Exercise Tip
It is most effective when the hand which grabs the dumbbell is equal to or slightly over shoulder line.

How to Make Abdominal Muscles

Exercise Outline
It can train the lower part of the rectus abdominis. Instead of picking up the upper body, it can reinforce the lower abdomen by lifting your legs.

Exercise Procedures
1. Lie on the bench and grab the upper part of the bench with both hands.
2. Lift your legs and bend your knees slightly.
3. Roll up your pelvis until your waist is off the bench about 10cm.

Maintain the tension of your abdomen during the exercise.

Exercise Tip
1. Using the strength of your lower abdomen, roll up the pelvis towards your chest as much as you can.
2. You can increase the intensity of the exercise by using an incline bench.

Many people start exercising but only a few people succeed in making ‘Mom-Zzang’. During the exercise, there can be many temptations. However, the secret of ‘Mom-Zzang’ is not something special. The secret is just to do the exercise regularly and control your caloric intake. Remember that steadiness and regulation will make you ‘Mom-Zzang’.


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