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From a Repeater to an Announcer
Yoon Bo-ram Reporter  |
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[0호] 승인 2011.08.31  
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At 10:50AM, when I was struggling to prepare my interview with a colleague, a man who had an intellectual and neat look came into the cafe. He gave a great impression as an announcer just from those earlier 10 minutes than the appointed time, 11AM. Jang Sung-kyu was selected as the finalist of the TV program ‘An Incoming Employee(Sinipsawon),’ and he is today’s interviewee.

2 months after the TV program went off the air, his face seemed more comfortable. He had a lot of complications after he failed the final mission of the program. He shed a lot of tears. After he was dropped from the program he was greatly disappointed and mortified, but soon he realized he was insufficient. His friends also told him the broadcasting station of the program ‘MBC’ wasn’t right for him, not that his talent was insufficient, and those words gave him consolation. From the program he got to know a lot of people and his parents were so proud of him, so he was satisfied with that.

Naver cafe, Daum cafe

Actually, he also got a lot of fans through this program and has a fan club on an Internet site. Since he was young he adored popular friends and fantasized to be with celebrities and he always wanted to be popular. So he is really thankful and happy for his recent popularity. He added, using the poet of Kim TSchoon-su “The Flower,” that he feels that he is alive through his fans. On the other hand, he has as many Internet critics as he has fans. When he sees those Internet critics, his heart is torn. He said his heart aches. However, he believes that these hardships make him stronger. So he thinks his Internet critics are needed in some sense and he will be better at broadcasting in the future because of these experiences.

To lighten up the heavy interview atmosphere he brought up his story about studying two extra years for college examination. In an answer to the question, “Is it true that you failed the first college examination because of love?,” he was honest. “Yes” and he added, “But this is really a coward’s excuse. I’m sorry for those girlfriends because I ascribed the failure of the college admission to them. Actually, it was the limitations of my ability. Love could be one of the causes, but I also met male friends and didn’t study hard so I can’t say that love was the only reason. I said that because it was broadcasting so I exaggerated.”


He had lots of trials and errors, not only the difficulty of getting into university but also preparing to become an announcer. First he prepared to become the 9th public official and then he prepared to become a certified public accountant, changing his future. Finally he decided to be an announcer, and began preparing for this when he was 28. Also, there was his mother’s opposition. His mother supported him even when he was failing the college entries, but she opposed him when he said he wanted to be an announcer. So he prepared secretly at first, and he told his mother that he was appearing in the program after it was broadcast. He told his mother that he would give up becoming an announcer if he failed to win the program in order to show her his decisiveness. However his mother really liked his broadcasts and said that she saw new aspects of her son.

In the program he became popular for his sense of humor. He received this talent from his parents. He also liked to be in front of people ever since elementary school and when he officiated at church, so it wouldn’t be too much to say that he had been preparing to be an announcer ever since his youth. He said in the future he wants to be an honest and warm-hearted announcer with wit like an entertainer. For that, his role model is Yoo Jae-suck. He would like to be someone who lasts a long time, and not just be someone who is easily forgotten. When the interview was almost over and the clock was reaching 3 o’clock, he kindly walked us to the subway station. We came back with warmth in our hearts and regretfulness about the lack of pictures we took with him.

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