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Adios, Harry Potter
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트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Have you passed your teenage years worthily? Now we have to set free our old friend. Harry Potter finished his 10-year-journey in the last movie, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 (2011).’ It has continued for 10 years, almost 11 years, so some may feel that our long teenage years are over with the end of these movies. For those people, I wrote this article. Let us begin!

Harry Potter, ‘Remind its series’

As you know, the Harry Potter movies were based on the novels. J.K. Rowling wrote her first story, ‘Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone’ to help her household budget. Then, the movie producer David Hayman took her book to Warner Bros™ to make it into a movie. The first movie, ‘Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone (2001)’ opened successfully and many original fans were satisfied with it. Some people say, “a first movie is the best of the Harry Potter movie series.”

After that, Harry Potter series were released annually and they gained popularity. But in the 3rd movie, ‘Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban,’ the main actors grew up so fast that thier changes were noticable. And the director also changed, so the movie focused more on the growth of the characters. In the 4th movie, ‘Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,’ many parts from the novel were cut out. For example, there was no story about Dursely or the Quidditch match, and many interesting magical creatures in the book were not shown in the movie.

But its original book had increased its contents to two more books in Korean version. Next, in the 5th movie, ‘Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix,’ should contain five books’ contents in total. This movie focused on the issue that Harry and his friends were no longer children and they had to be adults. So the movie had many stories and was not just fantasy. In the 6th movie, ‘Harry Potter and the Half-blood Prince,’ the movie disappointed many fans. The movie’s atmosphere was very dark and the stories in the first book were missing in the movie. The writer said that she has the most affection for the 6th book. So she wrote very carefully and tried to chain many facts from the past books to the last series.

But contrary to this, the movie’s color was so green that it felt like an old movie, and many stories were skipped even though they were needed in the main story. After that, the last movie of the Harry Potter series, ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows’ opened in two parts because it had many important stories and they are the last movies of Harry Potter. People said they were good because this time, the movies covered the entire story from the book.

The Harry Potter movies had many problems and were criticized because of their editing and re-creation of the best-selling books. People who criticized the movies said that they could not match their imaginations and the movies cut out too many parts of the story. However, editing was inevitable due to limited time and the directors tried to satisfy their audience and the readers of the books, but because of playtime-limits the directors have no option but to recreate movies’ story. And each movie was supervised by the writer, J.K. Rowling. So if you do not see this movie for that reason, I recommend you watch the movies and consider what the directors tried to express in their movies.

Harry Potter’s Famous Line & Spells

There are many movies about Harry Potter, so there are many famous lines and spells. I will introduce some of them for reminding its movie series.

1. Shut up, Malfoy!(Harry Potter)
It is very famous on many web sites among fans. Harry usually said this to Malfoy, who is a little jealous of Harry’s fame and he does bad things to Harry’s friends. When Harry say this, people felt like Harry spoke for them.

2. Always.(Severus Snape)
Prof. Snape was told to protect the boy who lived by Dumbledore. He loved Harry’s mother, Lily, and in response to Dumbledore’s question, “Do you love Lily? After all this time?” he said “Always.” It made people re-evaluate Snape. Snape acted like a really bad guy to everyone, easpecially Harry. But he was a true protector of Harry than any otherelse, even Dumbledore. He is the best reversal of this series that J.K. Rowling made.

3. Obliviate
Obliviate : Memory charm. The one who is hit by this spell loses his/her memories. In the movie, Gilderoy Lockheart (Harry Potter 2nd movie) and Hermione Granger (Harry Potter 7th movie) use this spell. Gilderoy used it for his reputation, but Hermione used it for her parents’ safety.

4. Expecto Patronum
Patronus charm. Patronus means a protector for its spell user. Its shape differs from its personality. It is effective to drive Dimentors, which eat happy memories of victims. And it is a very high-class magic that beginners cannot use well.

5. Wingardium Leviosa
The charm for floating objects. Be careful to say “Wingardium Leviosa.” If you do not, I cannot guarantee your safety. Because of this spell, Harry, Ron and Hermione could becom best friends. For use, you should wave your wand like this, “Swish and flick”.

Harry Potter Theme Park - Wizarding World Harry Potter

If you feel sorry about the last Harry Potter movie, I recommend something awesome! It is the Harry Potter Theme Park at the Universal Orlando Resort in Florida, USA. It was made by architects of Universal Studios, Harry Potter’s producer, staff and J.K. Rowling.

She was happy to advise the architects about her magical world. It opened on June 18, 2010. It reproduces Hogwarts School for Wizards and the village of Hogsmeade. Actors and the movie participants said it was awesome. It is made of multiple amusement parks like a roller-coaster for its fans. It has many things that can provide a lot of fun. There are roller coasters like ‘the Flight of Hippogriff,’ ‘the Dragon challenge.’ And the castle is a big ride, ‘Harry Potter and the Forbidden Adventure.’ The castle and the village are reproduced perfectly so that you can enter the store and get some candy or drink some butter beer. And if you want, you can get your own wands in Olivander’s Shop. How would you like to drink some butter beer here?

The Harry Potter books were over in 2007. But at that time, it still was not the end because the movie series was not over. But in 2011, we have to say good bye to our old friend ‘Harry Potter’. There is a saying, ‘Those who meet must part,’ which shows that meeting means separation. The series was sometimes criticized by many people and caused some problems.

But we can say something to Harry Potter and its series, whether you like it or not: “Adios, my friends.”

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