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[0호] 승인 2011.12.08  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

“On it, boss!” If you ever saw one of the most famous American TV series called “NCIS: Naval Criminal Investigative Services,” you may be familiar with this line. In this article, I am going to introduce NCIS. This organization deals with criminal investigation within the navy. It is similar to CSI but it is more fun and easier to immerse yourself in. It provides unique and diverse characters as a team. Also, the dynamics of their team-work is one thing that you can enjoy in this series along with the presence of their powerful boss, Gibbs.

In NCIS office, Dinozzo and Gibbs sit in their seats and look at a video that was taken of their enemy, Paloma Reynosa’s face and rewind and replay the video to closely observe her. However, there is no progress. When Dinozzo mentions their director, Vance, he just appears behind Dinozzo.

Dinozzo: We were just discussing our continued effort to locate Paloma Reynosa.
Vance: And?
Dinozzo: How about those Washington Nationals, sir?
Vance: I just got off the phone with SECNAV. He wants to know why NCIS can’t successfully orchestrate a manhunt for one female drug dealer.
Gibbs: It’s Mexico.
Vance: What’s to say she hasn’t already crossed the border?
Gibbs: My gut.
Vance: The DEA wants to step in. However, I’d like to save face.

Get off (위에서) 통화를 하다
SECNAV (Secretary of the Navy) 해군 장관
My gut (구어체) 내 직감인데
DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) 마약 단속국
Step in 개입하다
Save face 체면을 살리다

There is a body in a trash heap. Ziva, Dinozzo and Mcgee have to go through it in order to get the body out. Ziva looks at the trash heap and scowls. And Ziva smells something unlikable.

Ziva : Someone is going to have to go through this. This is disgusting.
Dinozzo: Last time I checked, I was senior field agent.
Mcgee: (looking at Dinozzo) It is too bad we don’t have a probationary agent with us.
Dinozzo & Mcgee: But we do! We do!
(Dinozzo and Mcgee look at Ziva)
Ziva: You’re going to pull rank on me?
(Dinozzo and Mcgee laugh and leave her alone.)

Heap (쌓아놓은) 더미
Scowl 얼굴을 찌푸리다
Go through 뒤지다
A probationary agent 신입요원 (구어체=probe)
Pull rank on me? 저한테 떠넘기는 거에요?

Dinozzo meets his father at NCIS and wants talk to him about his father’s bankruptcy. Dinozzo is concerned about his father and his father tries to relieve his son’s anxiety.

Dinozzo (junior): Well, look, I don’t want to make it any bigger than it is, but you know, I... You can’t judge a book by its cover and things are, you know, uh...isn’t always what they appear to be, but, um...
Dinozzo (senior): This is about me being broke? This is not a big deal. It’s happened before. When you were in your second year at boarding school, I filed for bankruptcy. I’ll bounce back. I always do.

You can’t judge a book by its cover 겉만 보고는 판단할 수 없다
Being broke 파산한
Boarding school 기숙사 학교
File for bankruptcy 파산 신청을 하다
Bounce back 재기하다

In NCIS office, Mcgee and Ziva look at screens of information about the killer they are trying to catch. However, Mcgee suddenly turns off all televisions in the office. And Ziva cannot understand a slang because she is a Jew in the Mossad.

Ziva: McGee, I was watching that!
Mcgee: Not anymore. It’s time to hit the showers.
Ziva: Is your shower not working? / Mcgee: Why, do I smell?
Ziva: I cannot smell you from there.
Mcgee: And you’re part bloodhound.
Dinozzo: The answer is Drakkar Noir, vintage 1988. He buys it off e-Bay. Never forget your first love.
Ziva: You smell fine, McGee. / Mcgee: Thank you, Ziva.
Ziva: Like lilacs.
Dinozzo: A masculine lilac, I’m sure. The kind that storms beachheads, likes bloody steaks and smacks girls’ bottoms.
Ziva: McGee’s shower’s broken. / Mcgee: No, it’s not.

It’s time to hit the showers 이제 가야할 때에요
Blood hound 영국산 경찰견
Buys it off e-bay 오프라인 경매에서 사다
Masculine lilac 남성용 라일락
Storms beachheads 교두보에 돌진하다
Smacks bottoms 엉덩이를 휘갈기다

Additional Expression
Pathologists 병리학자
Door-to-door 집집마다
Embassy 대사관
Ransom 몸값
Call the shots (누군가가) 조종을 하다

source: CBS Entertainment

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