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[0호] 승인 2012.03.06  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글
Korean university students worry a lot. They are under pressure to manage their GPA, get certificates related to their major or learn languages. The opportunities to participate in Student Exchange Programs and extracurricular programs are considered to be essential. While preparing for the 114th issue of this magazine, we had meetings and discussed the subject of the Cover Story. In that time, we looked back over last semester’s results and we became a little bit sad. What on earth does ‘GPA’ mean to university students? After several meetings, we came up with the answer to this question; students focus seriously on GPA and how GPA relates to getting a job. We hope you will find information in our Cover Story helpful.

‘March’ This is a month a new semester starts and a new university life begins for freshman! First, for freshman who just a short time ago finished their College Scholastic Ability Test Research and Management (It is like the Korean SAT.), we really want to say this - CONGRATULATIONS - you worked really hard to get here! I know escaping from the rules and the pressure is a really pleasant feeling for high school students.

I want to give some tips to freshmen. Above all, you need to be on alert regarding senior’s advice; the freshman’s privilege is enjoying your moment! Just hang out! But, if you really ‘just hang out’ and if you do not pay attention to your school life, you will ruin your GPA and as a result, you will retake some classes. Therefore, I really wish you freshmen take care of your school life not to end up with regrets. Also, when you hang out, feel what makes your heart pound. This task is surely really hard. So, you have to truly wish to know and find out yourself. Therefore, do experience as many diverse things as you can while searching out your interests!

Secondly, I would like to talk about the value of traveling. In this issue of our magazine, there is special kicker, Travel. I covered Boston and had to plan everything from flight reservations to lodging all by myself. Also, I had to adjust to their life style such as the different public transportation system and cultural differences. One of the valuable lessons I learned was how to do tasks for myself; finally, I found out I am a clumsy person so I told myself: Wake up! Moreover, you can feel that we are just one single dot in a really huge planet. The most interesting episode of my journey was meeting one Korean by chance. She is a world traveler wandering around visiting every country. She loves wandering around countries so much that she has no plan to come back Korea. I was surprised that to her, her nationality did not seem so important. Like this, meeting and seeing other people’s lives, their manners and attitudes, I felt I could understand other human beings a little better.

Do you want to meet a lot of people? You can meet a variety of people in university. However, I recommend you to participate in The UOS Times and become one of our members. As much as you participate, you can really understand others and yourself by creating our magazine. Come on and knock on the door of The UOS Times!
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