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Study with Your Heart, Not Your Head!- Professor Pyo, Min-Chan
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[115호] 승인 2012.04.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

▲ Pyo, Min-Chan

A lot of outstanding professors are in University of Seoul (UOS), and The UOS Times plans on introducing many of them to you. To decide who we would interview, we asked for recommendations on our Facebook page. For this issue, we are going to introduce Professor Pyo, Min-Chan who lectures about ‘Global Management’ in UOS.

Diverse fields of studying and strict rules
When he was a university student, he was bored of the old Chinese literature that his elder professors lectured about; he majored Chinese Language and Literature. He wanted to study something more interesting, finally, he started studying business. He went abroad in Taiwan and got his MBA on business. After this achievement, he wanted to do something new, so he applied for a reporter position at Maeil Business Newspaper. He said "I want to say this; if there is something that you think you will never have an opportunity to do again in your lifetime, then, you have to do it." It is his strict and important rule. While he was a reporter, he heard someone talked "Why he got MBA in Taiwan, not in the United States (U.S.A.)?" He wanted to prove his ability, so he quit his job and got his Ph.D. in the U.S.A. To make this decision, his strict rule affected him. He emphasized “If you want to make your dreams come true, you should do the best whatever you are doing, even if you do not want to do it. Then, finally, your dreams will come true.”

The reason for his fame and his feelings about his lecture
On the Internet, his lecture, ‘Global Management’ is famous. What is the key factor to this reputation? He said he does not want to teach students by merely using the book. If he does lecturing by using the textbook, it makes the class boring and he is not interested in doing that. For this reason, his lectures are famous for using audiovisual techniques and for their discussion format. They create a fresh perspective on how students feel about university lectures. The reason he has used those tools is people cannot concentrate all the time in class. Discussions also help students maintain their concentration during the class.
Then, what is his feeling about his job and lecturing? He said lecturing is interesting because it is a more active job compared to his primary occupations. He is happy when he sees students’ creative minds or attitudes towards everything. He thinks that the distance between himself and students is pretty close because he tries to keep students close to himself and attentive during lectures. One thing he wants to keep is such brotherly relationships between students and himself.

To UOS students
“Study with your heart, not your head.” He explained that if students study their subjects with their hearts and feel something interesting, they will find their own demands for the subject. It makes the students become more interested in studying their subjects and think creatively. He regards this saying as his goal when lecturing. He said “If you just memorize university subjects like those of high school, you will eventually forget about 50 percent of it in two years.” He advises UOS students to study more creatively and to put aside some spare time to study. He said studying in university means creative studying, not cramming like in high school. By not just studying your major, but also doing other activities such as reading books, watching movies or taking up new hobbies, you will greatly enrich your university life.
From the beginning to the end of interview, he kept smiling quietly and was very nice to us. The office of Prof. Pyo is located in Miraegwan, 1105. Even if you do not take any of his classes, as a UOS student, how about visiting him and ask him about something you are curious about?

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