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Is the Rear Gate of UOS Safe?
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[116호] 승인 2012.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Recently, the news that a young woman was murdered in Suwon shocked all of Korean society. The fact that an ordinary and young woman was brutally murdered was shocking enough to drive all young women to tremble with fear.

Shortly after the aforementioned incident, one of UOS students published a post. It warned female students at UOS of such danger, on Gwangjang, a community website for all UOS students. According to him, his girlfriend said that she was being stalked by a foreign man who was bald and seemed to be in his late thirties or early forties. The man constantly came up to her, asking her number. However, this was not the first time the man approached her, he had actually done it several times before. Then one time, he saw the man at an alley near the Rear Gate of UOS and found out that the man continuously wandered around, looking around the alley where his girlfriend was. He went up to the man right after and told him not to sneak around anymore. After that he warned other female students.

After reading this post, many students reacted with horror and surprise, and some of them raised the issue of improving security around our university. Other students agreed on the dangerousness of the Rear Gate area, saying that they have also seen many other suspicious strangers. Some students have suggested possible solutions to the problem. Among them, one student suggested having a patrol around the Rear Gate area as a mandatory. However, this suggestion could not be endorsed as it needs the approval of the local government office, and involves a lot of money and laborers. Another student suggested that the students living near the Rear Gate area should patrol on a regular basis voluntarily.

Although it remains uncertain whether the man intended to make a threat or not, it is necessary to be cautious and know how to manage an emergency. So if you are a female student, especially if you are living in the Rear Gate area of school, it would be best to know at least one method to defend yourself and always watch out for potential dangers around you.

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