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[116호] 승인 2012.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

I vividly remember the time I submitted my application for The UOS Times in the first semester of 2010. A memory of knocking on the door of The UOS Times office as an applicant still makes me smile. I had never experienced any club activities in high school, so I wanted to challenge myself. This motivated me to join The UOS Times. Fortunately, all affairs of The UOS Times have always been challenging and it is the most precious memory since I have entered University of Seoul (UOS.)

Before I became an Editor-in-Chief, I learned about how to maintain relationship with other people and how to improve necessary skills to write English articles. Since The UOS Times was established in 1984, there have been a lot of graduates between the age of forties and fifties. I met many alumni of The UOS Times. They work in various fields so I could learn valuable lessons from their own stories. After listening to their experience, I wrote my diary and took it to my heart.

When I became the Editor-in-Chief, I could plan and design the magazine’s contents. I thought ‘Are there things I need to change?’ but I had a desire to change little things to suit my style. First, I thought about who the readers are. I thought main readers are students interested in English, other countries’ different cultures and exchange students. Therefore, I made a corner introducing foreign exchange programs of UOS, and a cartoon explaining the difference between Koreans and foreigners. Making little changes in the magazine is really exciting. At the same time, I realized it is hard to communicate with readers through pages because we need to find out every spelling and every name of buildings, positions and so on.

Actually, before becoming the Editor-in-Chief, I was not really aware of the responsibilities as a leader. I was a student who used to put my priority more on my works rather than on group project. However, by leading an organization, I realized that neglecting a team work is very irresponsible and the team work itself cannot be separated from me. This experience helped me participate more actively not only in The UOS Times but also in personal activities. What I just regret is I could not make more changes during my editor term of The UOS Times.

However, I believe my juniors will play their roles well after my term because I learned a lot from what I have accomplished with my juniors, regardless of whether or not they did well. Please pay attention to heroes or heroines who will lead The UOS Times! I assure they can make the magazine more excellent!

Finally, communicating with others, I can find out myself well, and I can make myself this way. I appreciate seniors who led The UOS Times till now and gave me priceless opportunities!

The UOS Times correct articles of the 115th magazine.

1. We omitted a by-line at ‘The Place.’ We add the by-line.
Kim Hyeon-ji Junior Reporter

2. We wrongly wrote interviewees’ student numbers at ‘People.’
We correct the student numbers of interviewees’ from 09’ to 10.’

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