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[118호] 승인 2012.10.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Sung Yun-ji
Dept. of International Relations

Hello UOS students! My name is Sung Yun-ji and I have become a Cub-Reporter at The UOS Times starting this second semester! I am currently majoring in International Relations at the University of Seoul. I have lived abroad in America for the majority of my life and immigrated back to Korea three years ago. Having never realized what a blessing it was to be given the opportunity to learn English, I took English for granted. However, when I moved back to Korea, I have discovered the significance of English and how blessed I was to know the language. This realization has incited the passion within me, ever since, to practice and apply my English as much as possible. As a reporter for The UOS Times, I will work in every aspect to offer you guys with entertaining and educational articles! The process of writing, editing and publishing the articles to form The UOS Times is a long and complex cycle. As hard as it is, I hope you guys find the joy in reading my articles because if they make you guys happy, I believe my aspirations as a reporter will be fulfilled.

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