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Talking Concert ‘Caring Friend’
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[122호] 승인 2013.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

On March 21 at 4:30 p.m., talking concert ‘The Caring Friend’ took place in the Main Auditorium. It was sponsored by PernodRicard Korea, a corporation which sells alcohol, and Daehak-naeil, a magazine company for university students. The campaign was launched during the earlier portion of the concert with the main theme of the campaign being ‘Drinking in moderation’ along with its slogan, ‘Check Mate.’

Checkmate is a term usually used to announce an inevitable victory during a game of chess. However, it is used differently for this campaign; it is used as a term for a drinking mate who keeps checking on his or her mates (friends), while drinking. It is somewhat ironic that a liquor corporation would conduct this campaign. In the campaign’s launching ceremony, Jean-Manuel Spriet, the CEO of the company, mentioned its corporate social responsibility: responsible drinking.

After an agreement ceremony that CEOs, the president of the Student Council and audiences, promised to participate in the checkmate campaign, Kim Yeong-hee, the producer of MBC, gave a lecture about the secret of his success. He is called the ‘Man of 90 percent,’ because nine out of ten programs he produced have been very successful. He emphasized, “Doing things that other people opposed.” He talked about the experiences he went through in his early days and aroused audience’s sympathy. Through this concert, UOS students learned various lessons and had opportunities to change their thoughts and behaviors for the better.

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