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[122호] 승인 2013.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Everyone’s all time favorite American sitcom, The Office, is now finally on the Fun N Study! The Office deals with the everyday life episodes of different characters within an office setting. This episode ? Kevin cooks stuff in the office ? is very special. First, it is only found on the Season 3 DVD. Second, Kevin, a dorky but a serious employee in the office, shares his secret recipes for Quesadillas and Creme Brulee. Kevin’s dishes are quick, easy and very inexpensive in that he gets his ingredients from the vending machines and these can be cooked in the office with minimum efforts and time. The UOS Times is going to introduce Kevin’s simple but yummy snacks that the readers can also try and, of course, useful English expressions as well.

Kevin : I am your host Kevin. So, sometimes my fiance'e Stacy, she forgets to pack me lunch. So what do I do? I have to cook things in the office. And trust me, it’s not as bad as you think. So this is my main cooking area, we have a toaster and a microwave. We used to have a blender but I’m pretty sure Stanley stole it. Okay, we will gather ingredients at the vending machines or as I like to call them the supermarket that only takes quarters.

Kevin : I’m going to make Quesadillas and Creme Brulee. First is Quesadillas. All you need is chips and squeeze cheese. This, I usually keep in my desk drawer so nobody steals it. It’s very important you put a lot of cheese on there; you can make a design if you wish, circles, flowers and then you take other chips. Bam! Take the plate, put them into the microwave for 10 to 15 seconds, and take them out when they look melted.

Kevin : Moving on to Creme Brulee. All you need is pudding and some sugar that you need to pour over the top. You wanna make sure you make the sugar evenly distributed over the top. And oh, I almost forgot. You have to take the label off so it doesn’t start a fire in the toaster. Being careful, you put it in and leave it until it gets nice and brown all over the top. Because that is when it is awesome! Okay, so we’re just gonna leave that for a few minutes and when we come back, we’ll have beautiful Creme Brulee.

Kevin : Another thing that I make for myself at the office is beer. The rule specifically says that you cannot bring beer into work but it says nothing about making beer at work. Genius huh?
Oscar : That’s disgusting. Put that away!
Kevin : You are just jealous of my beer!
Oscar : That bacteria filthy yeast water? I don’t think so.
Kevin : Well then, Oscar, you may not have any.
Oscar : I don’t want any.

Choi Ji-in Guest Reporter

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