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[122호] 승인 2013.06.10  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Kim Hyeon-ji
Dept. of international Relations

It has been a long time since I have said hello to you readers. I have been working for The UOS Times for over two years. As a Reporter of The UOS Times, I have experienced valuable things that I would have otherwise never done. When I first joined, I did not know that I would work here for this long. Then, I thought that I could make use of this experience for my future career. However, as my sense of responsibility grew, I did not think of it and just tried hard to do the best job possible.

With The UOS Times, I enjoyed writing about my interests. I could reflect my opinions and thoughts through our magazines and I really liked it. From choosing the items to designing the magazine, I could express myself in the magazine. I was thrilled to be a Reporter. Other than making magazines, I liked to be part of a group in which its members are especially close to one another. I felt that I was in a little society and that my colleagues were like family members at the same time. However, I felt disappointed whenever I saw our magazines thrown into trash cans or left in the empty classrooms. Also, I sometimes felt short of my capability.

The most difficult part for me was always juggling my private affairs with The UOS Times’. Whenever I faced these situations, I tried to put The UOS Times first. I tried my best not to make mistakes and to improve the magazine, so I read all of the alphabets in our magazines carefully from the first page to the last. At some point, it was not a big deal for me to burn the midnight oil, and sleep in the office of The UOS Times. I became accustomed to a busy life doing what was assigned to me without designated working hours. That was why some of my friends called me ‘a slave of The UOS Times.’ Most of my campus life up to now was full of The UOS Times, so I felt emptiness while I was writing my last article.

Now I feel like I have finished a long marathon or I am leaving an old house. I want to give special thanks to my colleagues for being the motivation. I also appreciate the advice, warm support and help of many people including our readers and interviewees. I hope many people continue to enjoy reading our magazines. I will participate in The UOS Times as a reader from now on. Goodbye everyone.

Yoon Hye-lin
Dept. of International Relations

Yeah! It is finally over! From March 2011 to June 2013, my university life has been absolutely focused on The UOS Times. Priorities of my life literally started with The UOS Times. For example, in most cases during my university life, when friends asked me “Where are you going now?” my answer was usually “To The UOS Times!” and when they also asked me “Where are you coming from?” then my answer was “From The UOS Times!” Frankly, sometimes I wanted to escape from The UOS Times, because our members and I had many chores aside from writing articles. However, even though those were very stressful jobs, when a new edition was published with an article that had my name on it, I was so proud of myself and thankful for my co-workers!

In addition, there are fond memories especially with Yu-hyun and Hyeon-ji. (Surely, I have a big affection to my seniors and juniors as well!) We are the only members who are still remaining from 2011. Sometimes we were even called a package. Besides all of our majors being International Relations though, our friends make fun of us, calling us students who major in The UOS Times. Now, all of them have become precious memories. I think we might have depended on each other unconsciously during the past two and a half years.

What I learned through my experiences of being a reporter is priceless. Especially, in the process of news gathering, I got new and expert knowledge in some parts and met lots of interviewees who have interesting stories. Also, what I realized is that there are many people who are willing to help university students just because we are university students. Even when we make some mistakes, people are usually tolerant because we are students. In short, opportunities are always open to university students. These great chances made me better than what I used to be two and a half years ago.

Actually, the fact that it is an end still has not fully hit me yet, so I am not sad. However, lots of chores I am used to do will wear off, and when I cannot come to our office like my second home, I will suddenly realize that my term is over. Then, I might feel sad and miss the past. If someone asks me, “If it is possible to go back to your freshman year, would you join The UOS Times again?” then I will answer unquestioningly, “Of course!”

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