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Implementation of a Minor System
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[123호] 승인 2013.09.30  
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On July 18, UOS announced that a minor system will be implemented from now on. Implementation of a minor system was first suggested by the Student Council candidates Ko Woo-suk and Lee Kyung-joo as an election pledge. A minor system allows a student to have a minor in addition to a major, on which students mainly focus. This new change in the system aims to improve the quality of UOS students’ university life by complementing the shortcomings of the current double-major system with a minor system.

The double-major system at UOS requires credits in the range from 36 to 42 to graduate. Because a minor system only requires half the credits that are required of a double-major system, it works as an advantage to students who find a double-major too demanding yet wish to study more than one major. However, for this reason, students must choose only one suitable system between a double-major and a minor system. In other respects, choosing a minor allows a student to only attend lectures in which he or she is interested.

▲ An announcement regarding enforcement of the minor system on the UOS website.
Nevertheless, students who want to apply for a minor must be aware of the differences in the system. Unlike a double-major which can be applied four times in total per student, a minor can only be applied once in the beginning of the 2nd semester. Also, a UOS school policy states that to apply for a minor, a student’s GPA has to be over 3.00. Once applied and accepted, a student must earn 21 credits including nine mandatory credits with a GPA over 2.50. Now with the new implementation of a minor system, it is ensured that students who hesitate to apply for a double-major have another option of applying for a minor.

Applying for a minor is very easy. Because it can be applied online, it does not require a written application and thus has no time or space limit. All that students have to do is to enter WISE webpage, click ‘apply for a minor’ in ‘student register,’ fill out the required fields and save.

By. Kim Soo-yeon

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