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[123호] 승인 2013.09.30  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Nice to see you again! I can’t believe I have become a Junior Reporter. Looking back to when I was a Cub-Reporter, I knew nothing about an English magazine. But I’m a Junior Reporter now, and I have already participated in two volumes of the magazine. I also studied about writing articles, taking photos well and laying out paper during the vacation. From now on, I will have more responsibility for my articles as a Junior Reporter. When I write a draft I feel very exhausted and tired, but I also feel satisfaction when I see the complete copy of the magazine. Please cheer for The UOS Times and take a look at my growth through my writings. :)

This summer was scorching; it made me sweat every day! I spent a month staying at International House participating in UOS Buddy which was a superb vacation. There is an air-conditioner in each room so I could stay in my cool dorm and relax after all the activities. Plus, I studied with my colleagues in The UOS Times for a week in order to take a promotion test. Everyday, we had pretty nice meals and chilled inside a calm office while enjoying air-conditioning. Maybe I felt less hot than most of you! Sorry for the late introduction. I major in International Relations which is similar to Political Science and Diplomacy. I am working for The UOS Times as a Junior Reporter now. I applied for this special school organization at the end of the first semester so I do not have much experience yet; my position as a Cub-Reporter was very short because I got promoted to a Junior Reporter at the beginning of the summer break. However, I feel so proud and fulfilled that I can write my own articles and show them to our readers. I hope my essays allure all of you. If you have any questions or meet me by any chance, feel free to speak to me. I will greet you warm-heartedly.

It is such an honor for me to be a part of The UOS Times. Though I came here lacking in skills, I am grateful to be given the opportunity to work as a Junior Reporter with five other reporters. I surely believe that this opportunity will be a precious experience for me. In order not to disappoint this trust in me, I will be more diligent and hard working. This 123rd magazine is the first time I get to contribute to our magazine. I am so excited that my work is also going to be published and I am looking forward to the next publication. Thank you.

Did you guys enjoy a sweet summer vacation? I felt the real summer, feeling the heat of the hottest summer in a hundred years. During my first summer vacation in college, I took part in The UOS Times study group with five other Cub-Reporters. We learned some skills to do a better job in The UOS Times: how to handle a camera, lay out articles and pictures neatly with a computer program, and write coherently. After I was tested about what I had learned and passed the test, I became a Junior Reporter. I am pleased to take
a step forward towards becoming a Reporter. I am also excited to create my own articles. I can choose materials for an article, take pictures, and make a lay-out plan. All these things will reflect my own style, my personality. That is why I think I am creating articles, rather than writing articles. Not only I but all of us will work hard on creating articles, so I want you to watch and support us with affection.

It is exciting to be a Junior Reporter! I was nervous about whether I would be promoted, so I am very glad I was. I certainly am looking forward to experiencing many things while I am at The UOS Times. Since I did not have a chance to be a reporter before, I believe being at The UOS Times can teach me many lessons. I will try to do my best to do a good job and enjoy myself while doing it! :P

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