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Joyful Jeonnong Sports Festival
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[124호] 승인 2013.11.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

Finished on Oct. 2 after the finals, Jeonnong Sports Festival that began on Sept. 23 was relatively successful compared to last year’s, and it also added the pleasure to Yinhyangie. In this year's festival, various mini-game programs were newly added in order to encourage UOS students’ individual participation, such as uOsLYMPIC, Bicycle-speed Battle, Squash, and Freethrows.

Each student was able to directly feel the exciting atmosphere of Jeonnong Sports Festival on campus through these mini-games. From the first day, 'uOsLYMPIC' was held, consisting of archery, shooting and shot-put games. 'Bicyclespeed Battle' ? an event on riding a stationary bike ? took place in front of the Student Hall to measure the fastest pedalling speed among the students. Also, a squash tournament was held at the squash courts located in the Wellness Center and Basketball free-throws was held on the basketball court in front of the Student Hall.

For sports games, referees from the sports clubs at UOS umpire the games to increase the professionalism of the events. One of the past complaints that were consistently raised about the games was that the referees lacked expertise and skills to judge the games which reduced the excitement and fairness of the sports. SCUBA, the basketball club, and SMASH, the badminton club, along with the Dept. of Sports Science were assigned to umpire all games that belonged to their fields.

The overall winner of Jeonnong Sports Festival this year was the College of Arts and Physical Education followed by the College of Urban Sciences in the second place. College of Engineering, College of Humanities, College of Business Administration, College of Natural Science, College of Public Affairs and Economics also took part in the competition. Points earned from each game won were added to the final score and the department which earned the highest comprehensive score won the first place.

The final event of Jeonnong Sports Festival was 'Jeonnong Beol running contest', a short-marathon around the campus, which was originally planned to be held on Oct. 2. However, it was canceled the day before, because of a low rate of applicants. In addition to the students, UOS staff members and local residents could also participate in the event.

By. Yoon Hee

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