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[124호] 승인 2013.11.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

I felt strange when I joined The UOS Times this summer. I was not good at English and I had never dreamt of being a journalist. As soon as I joined, I managed to write People; it was an interview with Lee Neungryong, who is the guitar player in Onnine Ibalgwan. I met him and listened to his music for the interview. It was a fresh experience and was fun getting to know the great band. Therefore, when I saw the completed magazine, I was satisfied with it and was proud of myself. Writing for this magazine is a little hard, but when each magazine comes out, I hope I will be determined to write better next time.

Hello, Nice to meet you :) It’s a pleasure and an honor for me to be a Cub-Reporter of The UOS Times. Becoming a reporter lets me have a responsibility to handle my jobs well. But for now, the burden of my responsibility is no bigger than my expectations and excitement of working as a reporter. It sure is a nice opportunity for me! I hope you can get something valuable by just reading my articles and our magazine, The UOS Times. I promise I’ll try to do all my best!

Hello to everyone out there reading our magazines! I am Jeong Sae-hee and a new Cub-Reporter at The UOS Times. I am so excited to be part of The UOS Times. At first, I was a little hesitant about joining for I knew I was not the best writer. However, I decided to face it and challenge myself. I am truly grateful that I got an opportunity to work with great, talented, yet very humble reporters, and I wish to make my time here a rewarding one. I am looking forward to experiencing new things and above all, my very first contribution to the next magazine. Until next time, good luck with your midterms and take care :-)

I can’t believe that I am a part of The UOS Times. I have been interested in reading magazines and always imagined writing articles on it. It is amazing that I am given an opportunity to write articles. I can’t wait to learn things about publishing in The UOS Times. All experiences in The UOS Times will teach me many lessons including improvement in my English and a variety of information on English journals. At first, works in The UOS Times could be hard for me, but I will try hard to be a good reporter and enjoy these works!

Introducing me is always awkward. Lee Jun-hyeong, that’s my name. Computer Science is my major. Since I never lived in other countries, it made me hesitate to apply for the UOS Times at first time. Actually most of the other reporters have experience living in other English-speaking countries. But I didn’t want to blow up this chance because only freshmen can apply for The UOS Times. So I did it. Now I am a Cub-Reporter of The UOS Times. I confidently walk into Media Center now. My worries were so trivial. The UOS Times is open for everyone who has passion and guts. So I suggest freshmen of 2014 who might see this awful writing to join us without hesitation.

Hello, my name is Park So-eun and I'm in the Dept. of International Relations. One of the main motives that brought me here to The UOS Times was my passion for writing. Even though this will be my first time writing articles for a school magazine, I'm sure I will give a good contribution to this institution. Thank you.

It was unimaginable to enter The UOS Times, but it happened. Honestly, I used to be only interested in baseball, so I watched Major League Baseball. Then I felt a need to have more information, so I have subscribed ‘Baseball Digestive', an English baseball magazine. Since then I spent my spare time reading literature and watching films in English. All these add up to joining The UOS Times. Joshua J. Marine once said, “Challenges are what make life interesting; overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.” Now, I’m facing a new challenge, The UOS Times. What's your next challenge to make your life meaningful?

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