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A Googler Casts a Creative and Innovative Perspective
Yoon Hee  |
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[125호] 승인 2013.12.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

▲ Kim Tae-won is giving a speech to UOS students
Googler Kim Tae-won, a popular mentor among university students, gave a lecture on how to differentiate oneself from others. It was held in the Natural Science Building conference room at 5:30 p.m. on Nov. 6, hosted by the Main Library of UOS. Kim Tae-won emphasized the importance of having a creative and innovative perspective to all the UOS students in attendance.

During the lecture, he said it is a problem that people always see things from the same perspective. “It is no longer the era of knowledge, it is the era of perspective. Computers cannot replace our philosophies while dealing with our problems. A lack of perspective is the main reason we cannot use what we know. When we change our ways of approach, we can be free. It is time to have innovative and creative perspectives.”

He advised students to find a mentor who makes them uncomfortable. This is because a person can improve oneself most when the other sees one’s own limits.
Kim also said that a person who lives with many perspectives learns a lot. He likened university life to travel and asked UOS students to have as many various experiences as possible other than specs and getting jobs. “We compare our lives to travel. Like this, your university life can be likened to travel, too. In traveling, experiences we remember depend on what perspective we have from traveling. I recommend that you have a story of your own. For that, do not rely on what others do but get experiences that matter for what you really want to do.”

One student asked him for advice on a specific problem: whenever he plans to try something, he is overwhelmed by fear. Kim answered that his chat room ID is “what would you do if there’s no fear,” and he emphasized not to hesitate on what you want to do. Although feeling afraid is not totally bad in that it sometimes protects one from harm, he said, “We cannot avoid feeling afraid, but if there is a more valuable feeling than fear, go for it.”

By. Yoon Hee

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