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Joo Hye-ri  |
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[125호] 승인 2013.12.18  
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Despicable Me is a cartoon movie that is beloved by males and females of all ages. It originally gained popularity with its first edition released in 2010 and came back with a second edition this year. This time, The UOS Times is going to focus on the second edition. Gru fights for justice and takes care of three girls: Margo, Edith, and Agnes. All three girls are very adorable; however, the Minions win all our hearts. They do not actually speak English a lot in the movie, but their actions are truly memorable. In Despicable Me 2, Gru is striving to accomplish his mission with his special partner, Lucy. All three girls, especially Agnes, wish to have a mom, and while Gru is on his mission, he shows a special interest in his partner. Will his love come to a happy ending? Let us find out!

Gru : Alright, alright, homework done, pyjamas on, teeth brushed, time for bed.
Margo : What’s the big hurry?
Gru : I just, I have a lot of work to do.
Edith : Work? What kind of work?
Gru : Very important business. So hug, kisses. Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs… Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah… Whoa…?
Agnes : But you said you’d help me practice my part for the Mother's Day show.
Gru : Ahhh… Fine, fine. Let me hear it, quickly.
Agnes : “She kisses my boo-boos. She braids my hair. My
mother is beyond compare. We love you, mothers everywhere…”
Gru : Wow, that was, something else! I really liked the way you smiled at the end. Let’s try this one more time,
but a teensy-bit less like a zombie. Okay?
Agnes : Okay. “She kisses my boo-boos. She braids my hair…”
Gru : Perfect! Time to go.
Agnes : I don’t think I should do this.
Gru : Well… what do you mean? Why not?
Agnes : I don’t even have a Mom.
Gru : Well, you don’t need one to do the show. I mean, you did the Veterans Day Pageant. You haven’t been in combat.
Agnes : This is different.
Gru : Okay, well, then maybe you can just use your imagination.
Agnes : You mean, I pretend I have a mom?
Gru : Yes. Right? You can do that, can’t you?
Agnes : Yeah! I do that all the time. Thanks, Gru!

Edith : Not if my wish was to ever get a hundred free coins.
Antonio : Cool glasses.
Margo : Thanks.
Antonio : I’m Antonio.
Margo : I’m Margo.
Antonio : I was just going to get a cookie. Care to join me?
Margo : Uhh… sure… I’m Margo.
Edith : Uh-Ahemm!
Margo : Umm… I’ll catch up with you guys later. Bye!
Edith : Can I be the first to say, “Eww”!
Agnes : We got to go tell Gru!

Agnes : Okay. Excuse me! Hi, excuse me. Hi, everybody. I’d like to make some toast
Gru : Okay.
Agnes : She… umm… She kisses my boo-boos. She braids my hair. We Love You Mothers Everywhere. And my new mom, Lucy, is beyond compare

Sleep tight/ Don’t let the bed bugs bite (특히 아이들에게 하는 말로) 잘 자 (bed bug: 빈대) boo-boo 바보 같은 실수, 아픈 데 (작은 상처를 가리키는 아동어) braid 머리를 땋다 beyond compare (다른 것들과는) 비교가 안될 정도로 pageant 야외극 combat 전투, 싸움 Care to join me 나랑 같이 갈래요 make a toast 건배하다

source: Universal Pictures
Joo Hye-ri Junior Reporter

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