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Turn Your “ December Regrets” into Your New Year’s Resolution
Kim You-jin  |  webmaster@uos.ac.kr
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[125호] 승인 2013.12.18  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

I am sure I am not the only one like this: you turn over a page on your calendar to December and you think, “Is it already the end of 2013? What have I done this year?” It is probably not that you have not actually done anything, but the time just seems to fly by incredibly fast, and it is as if you have not accomplished many things throughout the year.

December is always a time of reflection on your past, and it makes you feel moody or sad because there is always something you wish you had done, or something you could have done better when looking back at the past year. It is never an unfortunate thing for you to feel this way, though. It is probably not the first time you have had these feelings, since you might have already had regrets and felt depressed every past December and will probably do so in many Decembers to come.

Yet, you see the white snow falling from the December sky and it almost feels like it is telling you to get over your “December regrets and depression” and prepare a fresh new start. Regrets are in fact the best motivations for your goals. So this goes out to everyone?of course including me?who might be grieving over what they have not done this year or simply blaming time, which does not wait for anyone: make your New Year’s resolution a substantive one based on your regrets in the year 2013. This year is almost over, but that is not the end of the world. There is always a next year and you surely do not want to see yourself continually being sad over the same regrets.

In our last issue of the year, we trace the beauty of Korean traditions and culture; we interview Eolssigu, a Korean traditional musical performance club; and go to Tong-in market, which still preserves the memories of traditional markets in Korea. Also in our Cover Story, we cover the actual conditions of the minor and double major systems at UOS, and for Society, we deal with issues regarding game addiction.

Wishing all of The UOS Times readers a wonderful holiday season, and the best in 2014.

Kim You-jin

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