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My Graduation from The UOS Times
Kim You-jin Editor-in-Chief  |
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[128호] 승인 2014.06.16  
트위터 페이스북 네이버 구글

128th issue of The UOS Times is very special as it marks the graduation - and I say “graduation” for two reasons which I am going to explain you soon - of me and Vice Editor-in-Chief. It has been such an honor to lead The UOS Times. As I now step down and turn my responsibilities over to the next Editor-in-Chief and the rest of all the reporters of The UOS Times, I must say I will definitely miss The UOS Times. (But let’s be honest, it feels pretty good to finally graduate!)

Having spent more than two years of my university life with The UOS Times through thick and thin, high and low, I feel like it has already become a part of me. I am still not sure if I should laugh or cry when people around me say how when they see me walking around the campus, at first they used to ask me “Where are you going?” and later they changed the question to either “Are you coming from The UOS Times?” or “Are you going to The UOS Times?” Believe or not, I probably have spent more time at The UOS Times than at home. And the two and a half years I spent here is why I call my leave as my graduation from The UOS Times.

There is another reason why I call it graduation and it is because The UOS Times has given me so many invaluable lessons I would have never learned from any other place. And one of the greatest lesson I learned is that you can tell one’s real worth when you see how they fulfill their responsibilities. I have worked with many reporters and some of them left for different reasons and others are still with The UOS Times. But you do not know what they are made of until they are put into a hardship and they have to carry out their responsibilities regardless. Even if it is a small organization at university, how much one has a sense of responsibility and how they manage their duty here pretty much tell you how they will do with their responsibility when they go into real society.

Having said that, I must admit that I was not the one who would do their best and put their responsibility first before anything else at all times, but at least while I was in charge of The UOS Times as Editor-in-Chief, I learned - if not forced (laugh) - to become the one. And this lesson, I can confidently say that will become a great motivation to keep myself being responsible for whatever I do in the future. Thanks, The UOS Times for great experiences and lessons I shall never forget and for the faith I have that it will become one of the strongest motivations to keep me grow and proceed to my bright future. Happy graduation!

Kim You-jin Editor-in-Chief

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